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by Christian Thalmann

Surrogate Weekly Vocab, Dec 19, 2003

It's been more than a week since the last official edition, and
I'm bored right now... so here goes. Sorry if I repeat words
we've had before. Brought to you by the letter l and adverbials.

1) light
In winter, we get so little sunlight around here that most
people suffer from a light case of depression, which shouldn't
be taken lightly.

2) last
My last old shoes have lasted long, but I've bought a new pair
at last.

3) left
Once you've left the tunnel, you'll have only little time left
to reach the building to your left.

4) lean
Leaning against a tree, the jogger stretches her lean calves.

5) long
Before long, I will be longing for an even longer vacation.

6) love
Were it not for my shyness, I'd love to confess my love to
the love of my life.

7) line
Though my grandmother liked the poem, she found the line
about a clothesline lined with lingerie out of line.

Hmpf, I can't think of any more double uses...

8) laugh
Laugh, or be laughed at.

9) lump
When I have a lump in my throat, I drink a cup of ginger
tea with three lumps of sugar.

And to perpetuate Christopher Wright's tradition...
consider it optional, though. =P

10) lung
After the king's men had torn my house down, burned my
crops, taught my children dirty words, and stuck a
fencepole through my chest, I found the wheezing noise
the hole in my lungs made when I played the tuba mildly

-- Christian Thalmann


By Takatunu

Weekly Vocab #4.1, Jan 14, 2004

May I ? ^_^

Early in the morning.
Late in the afternoon.
Sooner or later.
A new building.
A recent fad.
An old man.
An old building.

The man in the jail can hardly hear the bird in the tree in this season,
which is bad.
The bird can be heard. The bird is audible.
The bird flies above the top of the upper part of my hat.

I get the hint.
Don't take me seriously.
I wish you were here.
Nothing matters but you.


Weekly Vocab #4.2, Jan 23, 2004

This weak I made 4 different batches as variations on one theme. I guess I
made a few English mistakes but I hope they are not to confusing.

Easy ones:

Please write to your friend in this room and with this pen an essay about
your conlang in your script but in English.
I baked the dough and the cake was soon baked.
This bottle was filled with wine and that other one was full of water.
Now both are empty so please refill them.

How Perceptive!:

Let me smell your flowers.
Can you smell them?
This flower smells of honey.
Flowers perfume the room with a heady scent.
When I look at you I see your father.
I tasted the grilled cricket and it tastes like chicken.
The snow-capped top appeared through the clouds.
My vision of the mountain is blurred like your vision of life is.
I am obsessed by her thought.
You look lost in your thoughts.


Our victory is your defeat.
My blow causes, and results in, your injury.
Your injury results from my blow.
I love you although you smell.
You smell but I still love you.
I'll accept if you beg me.
Your begging to me shall condition my acceptance.


The skulls hung dangling from the heavy pillars on which the thatched roof
Modern art--I pegged a chairleg into the trunk of a tree stemming from a

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