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Set 3, part c, by Christopher Wright

Last Modified: 1/31/04

#3.21, Sep 7, 2003 - dull, muscle, floor, cloth, white, to swing, awkward, to entertain, dot, fly
#3.22, Sep 14, 2003 - employment, relative (related), offense, to discourage, monkey, to disappoint, hammer, pattern, annoyance, whisper
#3.23, Sep 22, 2003 - obedient, family, thought, politician, civility, civilization, to move, to meet, existence, feelings
#3.24, Sep 29, 2003 - field, chicken, copper, mine, please, thousand, structure, ugly, typical, lazy
#3.25, Oct 6, 2003 - date, station, ruler, rate, loaf, direction, rest, crack, fast, class
#3.26, Oct 11, 2003 - inspiration, heaven, pit, wing, to guide, nothing, creativity, miserable, to succeed, beside
#3.28, Nov 11, 2003 - alley, thug, knife, mug, police, brawl, to imprison, to surrender, corpse, god(s)
#3.29, Nov 16, 2003 - to calculate, waste, to regulate, famine, control, spade, to quake, fortress, to besiege, day
#3.30, Nov 24, 2003 - friend, to take, to tell, to want, to buy, to end, not, to support, definition, both
#3.31, Dec 8, 2003 - oil, shop (noun), to stroll, flood, another, to split, to bleed, to continue, army, to run, home


Weekly Vocab #3.21, Sep 7, 2003

I'm adding a modicum of sanity this time. Well, not exactly sanity, but at
least it isn't the end of the world.
1. dull
A dull knife cuts no cheese.

2. muscle
The cheese sculptor creates a figure with bulging muscles.

3. floor
Its cheesy robes brush the floor.

4. cloth
The robes almost seem to be made of real cloth--silk and linen and velvet.

5. white
The cheese for the robes is a pure white mozarella, whereas the skin is
made of a creamy cheddar.

6. to swing
The robe is so thin that it swings in a breeze.

7. awkward
The expression of the cheddar hero is the awkward embarrassment of someone
needing to visit the lavatory.

8. to entertain
The careful carving of the sculptor entertains the sort of people who
memorize games of chess.

9. dot
A dot appears on the hero's nose, spoiling his beauty with a wart.

10. fly
The dot is a fly that decided to breathe its last by defiling a piece of



Weekly Vocab #3.22, Sep 14, 2003

Brought to you in part by Sluggy Freelance.
1. employment
I seek employment if my liver will not burst from it.

2. relative (person related to you, that is)
Relatives are stereotyped as being evil.

3. offense
I don't know how he could possibly take offense from a simple greeting,
but he left in a huff.

4. to discourage
That discourages me because it may lose me my job.

5. monkey
We have our very own trickster monkey god here. Should I be happy or

6. to disappoint
I fear that I have disappointed everyone else with an interesting nickname.

7. hammer
Argh. I just tripped over a hammer and landed on my nose.

8. pattern
The carpet has a pretty floral pattern on it.

9. annoyance
Sweeping the floor is a minor annoyance.

10. whisper
He strains to hear a whisper who refuses to hear a shout.

Mr. Mills, I am glad I could be of service.



Weekly Vocab #3.23, Sep 22, 2003

Late! I'm so sorry! Can you ever forgive me?
1. obedient
It is a joy to have obedient children.

2. family
That contributes greatly to the peacefulness of a family.

3. thought
A thought and a kind word do as much, though.

4. politician
A politician might have the kind word, but never the thought.

5. civility
Thus government contains the trappings, but not the substance, of civility.

6. civilization
Does this mean that government is not a part of civilization?

7. to move
If you don't like it, move to Cuba. It's not any better, but they're

8. to meet
A ConlangCon is a place for conlangers to meet and discuss olives.

9. existence
It also establishes the existence of various conlangers more certainly.

10. feelings
No hard feelings, but I can't be sure any of you are actually people.

All right, I'd better stop before my tongue pokes a hole through my cheek.


Weekly Vocab #3.24, Sep 29, 2003

1. field
A well-fertilized field creates much joy.

2. chicken (animal)
Chickens don't help with fertilization since they're too acidic.

3. copper
I found large deposits of copper in my field yesterday.

4. mine
The king's men installed a mine before I could so much as tell my neighbor
about it.

5. please
Those men weren't very nice. They didn't even say "please".

6. thousand
A thousand hides of my land were taken as part of the mines.

7. structure
They have built a hasty, rude structure over the mine.

8. ugly
It's as ugly as a demon's butt.

9. typical
Such is typical of government work.

10. lazy
I'm not giving a tenth term for this vocab because I got lazy.



Weekly Vocab #3.25, Oct 6, 2003

A quarter centurial edition for your translation joy, reflecting twenty-five
years of CONLANG-? development. Just to annoy the heck out of you, I'm going
to use homophonous words for every one of these. Don't complain unless it's
in your conlang, in which case I will welcome it with open arms.

1. date (romantic interlude, fruit, calendar ~)
On my first date, I realized that my package of dates was outdated.

2. station (outpost, to place)
I was stationed at the Bridge Creek station.

3. ruler (measurement and commander)
This ruler, a popular tourist item, bears the mark of the current ruler.

4. rate (instances per time, to judge something, often giving a numeric result)
You rated the accuracy of the rate of change in government as being totally

5. loaf (~ of bread, to waste time being lazy)
Don't just loaf about the place--why don't you bake a loaf or two?

6. direction (way, control)
The car's direction is under the driver's direction.

7. rest (leisure, remainder)
The rest of the company may rest here for an hour.

8. crack (onomatopeia, fissure, the substance)
With a crack, a crack opened in the wall, revealing a package of crack.

9. fast (speedy, to go without food)
We have to be fast if we want to reach the holy city in time to fast.

10. class (ranking; attention to fine arts, asthetics, and history)
In his class, he has no choice but to have no class.

Okay, that's quite enough.



Weekly Vocab #3.26, Oct 11, 2003

1. inspiration
Whither the inspiration?

2. heaven
If I go up to the heavens, it is absent.

3. pit
If I descend into a pit, it is not there.

4. wing
If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea...

5. to guide
even there I search for my muse to guide me.

6. nothing
I find nothing in its place.

7. creativity
My creativity fails me, and my inventiveness does not last.

8. miserable
I am become a miserable creature to behold, without originality, without

9. to succeed
I determine to succeed alone, without my muse's control.

10. beside
Achieving all I reach for alone, I see she has been beside me the whole time.



Weekly Vocab #3.28, Nov 11, 2003

Isidora reminded me of the duties I had been shirking. Thanks, Isidora. (And
that's without sarcasm.)

1. alley
I got lost in an alley the other day.

2. thug
Two thugs appeared out of nowhere.

3. knife
They had long knives.

4. mug
I think they were trying to mug me, but they didn't say much.

5. police / civil guard
Before they reached me, the police arrived.

6. brawl
There was a bit of a brawl.

7. to imprison
The thieves didn't want to be imprisoned.

8. to surrender
At last, one surrendered, but the other was already dead.

9. corpse
His corpse is loose and flabby like fat cut from a steak.

10. god(s)
God/The gods alone will judge him now.


Weekly Vocab #3.29, Nov 16, 2003

1. to calculate
As a magistrate, I must calculate the amount of surplus food the area creates.

2. waste
Food waste is dreadfully common.

3. to regulate
The government must therefore regulate sales and supply.

4. famine
Only these laws stave off famine.

5. control
Farmers don't like this level of control.

6. spade
They might revolt with spades and pitchforks.

7. to quake
I'm quaking in my boots.

8. fortress
If they do revolt, they shall never take the fortress.

9. to besiege
I just hope they don't manage to besiege the place.

10. day
That would just ruin my day.

*sigh* I really need some new topics. I can't do peasant revolts every week,
can I?


Weekly Vocab #3.30, Nov 24, 2003

1. friend (can't believe I hadn't used this!)
A good friend is often a source of strife.

2. to take
For instance, my friend once took all my pens.

3. to tell
She didn't even tell me.

4. to want
I wanted a pen and I didn't have one.

5. to buy
I had to buy a new pen and ink.

6. to end
But a good friendship can't end that easily.

7. not
At least she's not a[n a]theist or [an/mon/dy]archist or a

8. to support
But then, I'd support her no matter what.

9. definition
That is the definition of "friend".

10. both
We'd both do the same.

*I'm so controversial this week.



Weekly Vocab #3.31, Dec 8, 2003

Missed a week due to illness.

1. oil
If I'm to bake today, I need some oil.

2. shop (noun)
There's a shop down the road.

3. to stroll
I stroll towards it.

4. flood
A flood springs up and blocks the road.

5. another
I turn to take another route.

6. to split
The earth splits beneath my feet, but I jump across just in time.

7. to bleed
I fell, though, and now my shin is bleeding.

8. to continue
I continue toward the shop.

9. army
The army stands to prevent access to the shop!

10. to run
I run in regardless, grab the oil, fling some money on the counter, and run
back out!

11. home
But now I can't get home past the flood and ravine.


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