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Set 3, part b, by Christopher Wright

Last Modified: 1/31/04

#3.11, Jun 9, 2003 - restaurant, food, to order (food), intestines, guts, salad, waiter, to bring, hungry, to belch, to stare
#3.12, Jun 17, 2003 - to record, archive, scribe, ink, insane, to replace, to pay, rich, to write, job
#3.13, Jun 24, 2003 - to bow, tradition, origin, to uphold, to encourage, lynch mob, goodwill, society, magistrate/judge/elder, to honor
#3.14, Jul 6, 2003 - chin, shirt, vowel, to cause/incite, weak, pain, faith, to reward, offense, sympathy
#3.15, Jul 19, 2003 - cream, thin, to promise, to interrupt, lightning, unison, shelter, ancient, protest, spite, to regenerate
#3.16, Jul 28, 2003 - to stand, only, banana, excitement, blue, juice, better, distant, unconscious, rough
#3.17, Aug 3, 2003 - safe, rude, illegal, witness, foreign, industry, supper, mud, cupboard, alcohol
#3.18, Aug 17, 2003 - right (privilege), to bless, anarchist, to reach [for], freedom, law, language, burn, to hurt, cheerful
#3.19, Aug 23, 2003 - thread (n.), to sort, boy, sandwich, shadow, to burst, dwarf, to sail, cattle, to twist
#3.20, Aug 30, 2003 - cloud, to mock, to slit, throat, to breathe, to spread, handkerchief, beer, broke/bankrupt, identity


Weekly Vocab #3.11, Jun 9, 2003

The experience of dining outside the home. Oh, what joy.
1. restaurant
Where might I find a good restaurant?

2. food
What sort of food would I find there?

3. to order (food)
"Do you know what you would like to order?"

4. intestines, guts
I almost lost my appetite [conculture: increased my appetite] when I saw
the platter heaped with pig intestines.

5. salad
I ordered a plain salad with water. [Carnivorous conpeople: well,
whatever's appropriate for people with delicate stomachs.]

6. waiter
The waiter looked at me disdainfully.

7. to bring
He brought me what I asked for, though the servings were small.

8. hungry
Since I am still hungry, perhaps I'll go to another restaurant.

9. to belch
On the way, I belched loudly.

10. to stare
Several people stared oddly at me.



Weekly Vocab #3.12, June 17, 2003

1. to record
The priests record a separate history.

2. archive
Their temples are vast archives.

3. scribe
They employ many scribes.

4. ink
The ink has lead in it.

5. insane
The scribes tend to go insane after a few years.

6. to replace
The priests manage to replace the crazy scribes.

7. to pay
They must pay them a lot of money.

8. rich
The church is quite rich.

9. to write
I write neatly.

10. job
Perhaps I could get a job as a scribe.



Weekly Vocab #3.13, Jun 24, 2003

An ill omen, this number. Come to think of it, the mirror in my bathroom
has been broken for years without negative effects, and I like black cats,
even if they shun me.

This might remind people of Reb Tevye (Topol) from _Fiddler on the Roof_.

1. to bow
One should bow when passing the temple.

2. tradition
It is a tradition, and traditions tell us where we stand with God [or the
Universal Life Force, or the Verruca Gnome, or whatever is conculturally

3. origin
So you want to know the origin of this tradition? I'll tell you.
I don't know.

4. to uphold
But it's a tradition, so I shall uphold it.

5. to encourage
Everyone I meet encourages me to do so.

6. lynch mob
If I don't uphold the traditions, a lynch mob will show up.

7. goodwill, 8. society
I wish to keep the goodwill of high society.

9. magistrate, judge, elder
Perhaps I'll be a magistrate some day.

10. to honor
All will honor me and swoon at my name, for I will be famous.



Weekly Vocab #3.14, Jul 6, 2003

I missed a week. So sorry![1]
1. chin
That man just broke my chin!

2. shirt
Now there's blood on my shirt.

3. vowel
Of course, I can't say any of this, since I can only pronounce one vowel
with a broken jaw.

4. to cause, incite
This has incited me to throw the man around the room.

5. weak
Of course, I am too weak to do so.

6. pain
To the pain in my chin is added the pain of broken ribs.

7. faith
I have faith, though, that I will be miraculously healed.

8. to reward
After one week, it has become apparent that God does not reward people for
losing brawls.

9. offense
Still, I meant no offense in likening his girlfriend to Regis Philbin.

10. sympathy
You'd think God would have some sympathy for that reason.

[1] Actually, it's a truth that I don't mean. See _The Sirens of Titan_.



Weekly Vocab #3.15, Jul 19, 2003

Just got back from college orientation.
Roger Mills commented that the themes in my vocab are a bit baroque. Well,
I figured that most concultures would have gone through a bow-and-arrow
polytheistic stage, but many have not gone through more advanced stages.
1. cream
Cats enjoy eating cream.

2. thin
This cat is thin, so he must not have eaten much of anything, much less

3. to promise
I promise to care for the cat from now until Ragarnok [Norse mythology:
end of the world].

4. to interrupt
Ragarnok interrupted my oath.

5. lightning
Lightning flashes brightly, not waiting for the previous bolt to stop
before the next one crashes down

6. unison
Thunder sounds in unison with the lightning.

7. shelter
There is no shelter from the terrible storms and earthquakes.

8. ancient
Ancient buildings are ruined by the floods and warring deities.

9. protest
Environmentalists lodge a protest with the gods regarding the destruction
of the planet.

10. spite
In spite, Loki and Thor rip the world to tiny pieces.

11. to regenerate
Odin, responding to the environmentalists' pleas, regenerates the universe.


Weekly Vocab #3.16, Jul 28, 2003

1. to stand
I am standing in the [place where ruling body meets; palace entry].

2. only
I feel like I'm only an ant, staring up at the murals in awe.

3. banana
I've got a hankering for a banana right now.

4. excitement
That first bite sends jolts of excitement through my bones.

5. blue
Blue four-sided triangles dance through my head.

6. juice
That juice must have been past its prime.

7. better
No matter; it's better this way.

8. distant
My hands are distant; the sky is close.

9. unconscious
I shall soon be unconscious.

10. rough
I fall to the floor, my face scraping on the rough carpet.

Four months in action! Hooray!



Weekly Vocab #3.17, Aug 3, 2003

1. safe
The police make sure that my house is safe.

2. rude
They are very rude, however.

3. illegal
They say that these herbs (hem-hem) are illegal.

4. witness
They cannot prove my guilt without a witness.

5. foreign
They say I'm a dirty foreign wretch, but I'm a naturalized citizen.

6. industry
Foreigners are a vital part of industry, providing cheap labor at the
expense of the native citizens.

7. supper
All I know is, I'm earning my supper.

8. mud
Actually, I know something else: my supper tastes like mud.

9. cupboard
My cupboard is devoid of food, as is my refrigerator.

10. alcohol
My significant other keeps a large amount of alcohol there, though.

I may have to go nomail in less than a month due to college, but I'll keep
up with the Weekly Vocab--I hope.



Weekly Vocab #3.18, Aug 17, 2003

1. right (inalienable privilege, not direction)
"We hate Rights as much as we hate Wrongs," said Gregory.

2. to bless
Those around him blessed him.

3. anarchist
They were anarchists, you see.

4. to reach [for]
They reach for the stars to pull them down.

5. freedom
Anarchy is about complete freedom rather than even a modicum of sanity.

6. law
To them, law is by nature evil.

7. language
I wonder what they would think of the rules governing language.

8. burn
I have a burn on my finger.

9. to hurt
It hurts horribly.

10. cheerful
Despite the anarchists and the pain, I am cheerful.

After next week, college starts, so I may have to go nomail. (I can manage
19 credits or the Conlang list, but not both ;)) I'll still have plenty of
time for a Weekly Vocab, though.



Weekly Vocab #3.19, Aug 23, 2003

Didn't go for storied interconnectedness this time. I was being lazy.
1. thread (n.)
A thread hangs from my shirt.

2. to sort
I sort my clothing by condition and style.

3. boy
There's a grubby boy staring through the window.

4. sandwich
If I paid him, perhaps he would make me a sandwich.

5. shadow
"The barriers between us have collapsed, and we have become...our own

6. to burst
When will this boil burst?

7. dwarf
A one-armed dwarf throws dice along the wharf.

8. to sail
The SS Sycophant is sailing to the other side of the world.

9. cattle
Cattle clutter its decks.

10. to twist
The strong man at the circus twists iron bars every night to the applause
of his audience.



Weekly Vocab #3.20, Aug 30, 2003

This is taken from _The Realistic Story_ by me.
1. cloud
A cloud of pointless evil plagues the world.

2. to mock
It mocks my solvency in evil.

3. to slit
I pretend to be dead, and it does not kill me.

4. throat
I hold a hand across my throat to stop the bleeding.

5. to breathe
Now I can't breathe.

6. to spread
I spread my fingers. Now I bleed _and_ have trouble breathing.

7. handkerchief
I tie a handkerchief around my neck to hide the scar.

8. beer
Beer solves all my problems, such as memory, intelligence, and a
functioning liver.

9. broke, bankrupt, devoid of money
Due to medical bills and tavern tabs, I am flat-out broke.

10. identity
A new identity will protect me from the debt collectors.

So long! I'll be on my way to college this time tomorrow, but I think I
can keep up with the list....


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