Weekly Vocabs

Set 3, part a, by Christopher Wright

Last Modified: 1/31/04

#3.1, Mar 30, 2003 - to think, to plan, road, cloak/coat, to stumble, wind, to snap, to freeze, ice, inn
#3.2, Apr 6, 2003 - round, everyone, same, breed, to obey, to notice, angry, to revolt, to lose, to vote, to opress, suffrage, succession, to abrogate
#3.3, Apr 13, 2003 - to steal, to arrest, prison, punishment, to escape, business, charity, to chase, to disappear, suicide, argot
#3.4, Apr 21, 2003 - slippery, to spill, to vex, to curse, carpet, sniffle, to replace, heirloom, ghost, bitter
#3.5, Apr 27, 2003 - vacation, ocean, rain, market, ripoff, drunk, to vomit, temple, money, to return, blister
#3.6, May 4, 2003 - to know, contents, might, murder, to release, feud, sheep, poverty, vengeance, funding
#3.7, May 11, 2003 - real, skirt, to need, stair, upper, to approve, jewelry, golden, color, expensive
#3.8, May 18, 2003 - kilogram, bread, fever, delirious, medicine, witch/healer, useless, poultice, to assure, to work/succeed
#3.9, May 25, 2003 - to bequeath, pittance, to usurp, stable, horse, worth, to run away, courage, to suffer, depressed
#3.10, Jun 2, 2003 - to pronounce, to agglutinate, to conjugate, syntax, morpheme, refuse, stench, to flinch, to play (instrument), proud


Weekly Vocab #3.1, Mar 30, 2003

I thought it would be nice to start it up again[1], so here is the new
Weekly Vocab. I will neither flag nor fail, even though there be no
responses for months! Mulahahahaha!!!!!

[1] At least, I've seen neither hide, hair, nor tail of it in the past
month or so.

So, with no further ado, I leave you the vocab.

1. to think
I think about many things.

2. to plan
I plan to go to town today.

3. road
I will go by the low road.

4. cloak / coat / culturally acceptable heavy outer garment
I took my warmest cloak.

5. to stumble
I stumbled on the road.

6. wind
The wind was fierce.

7. to snap
It snapped my cloak.

8. to freeze
My ears are freezing.

9. ice
I think they have become ice.

10. inn
I arrive at the inn half-dead.



Weekly Vocab #3.2, Apr 6, 2003

This week's vocab brought to you by opressed nobility everywhere and the
Campaign for the Preservation of Blue Blood.[1]
1. round
The king's hall is round.

2. everyone
Everyone is dancing.

3. same
I am wearing the same shoes as the (choose appropriate monarch title).

4. breed
We are a breed above the commoners.

5. to obey
They must obey us.

6. to notice
I do not notice them often.

7. angry
Now the commoners are angry.

8. to revolt
They are revolting against me.

9. to lose (win, not find)
My soldiers have lost.

10. to vote
The people vote against me.

And the Advanced Section:
11. to opress
The commoners opress me! Wail of anguish!

12. suffrage
This suffrage is bad for my coffer.

13. succession
14. to abrogate
The line of succession has been most unfortunately abrogated.


[1] Blue blood: that which flows in royal veins


Weekly Vocab #3.3, Apr 13, 2003

I almost forgot! Now I must commit seppuku.

A tribute to _Les Miserables_ and Victor Hugo.
1. to steal
Jean Valjean stole a loaf.

2. to arrest
He was arrested.

3. prison
In prison, Javert disliked Valjean.

4. punishment
Javert dealt many punishments to Valjean.

5. to escape
Finally, Valjean escaped while on a work detail.

6. business
He set up a business that helped many people.

7. charity
When people cried for charity, they cried for him.

8. to chase
Javert chased Valjean to his [Valjean's] new hiding place.

9. to disappear
Valjean disappeared to do one last act of charity.

10. suicide
Valjean's kindness made Javert commit suicide.

11. argot
Victor Hugo took a few chapters right in the middle of the revolution to
talk about argot.


He visto cosas que no podeís creer. Naves en fuego cerca del hombro de
Orion. Mire los C-rayos brilla en la oscuridad cerca de la Puerta
Tannhäuser. Todos de esos momentos se perdán en tiempo como lagrimas en la
lluvia. Es el tiempo para morir.


Weekly Vocab #3.4, Apr 21, 2003

A bit late because of Easter, but time is an illusion.[1]
1. slippery
The table is slippery.

2. to spill
I spilled my soy milk[2] on it.

3. to vex
This vexes me greatly.

4. to curse (a full-blown spell or a swear word, your choice)
I curse the glass that failed me.

5. carpet
My fine carpet is ruined.

6. sniffle

7. to replace
I cannot replace it.

8. heirloom
It is an heirloom from my great-grandmother's neice's daughter's husband.
[Bonus points if you translate the relationship into one word.]

9. ghost
His ghost will follow me for all my days.

10. bitter
I shall die a bitter, hunted person. [If you are not a person, replace
that word with an appropriate term.]


[1] Lunch time doubly so.
[2] Soy milk is nothing compared to the real thing. Stuff squeezed from
live cows is so appetizing, especially when described thus.


Weekly Vocab #3.5, Apr 27, 2003

It was Estel Telcontar, was it not, who mentioned that these words have
not fit into their conculture? If that continues to be a problem, email
me, and we'll work something out.

This is dedicated to the stereotypical vacation.
1. vacation
I had two weeks of vacation.

2. ocean
I went to the ocean.

3. rain
It rained a lot and was very cold.

4. market
The open-air market remained open, though, and I had fun haggling.

5. ripoff
I was the victim of many ripoffs, to the amusement of the vendors.

6. drunk
I became drunk on the obligatory tourist-unfriendly drink.

7. to vomit
I vomited profusely.

8. temple
I enjoyed <worshipping at | seeing> the many temples there.

9. money
I ran out of money after a week and a half.

10. to return
I had to return on foot.

11. blister
I am covered in blisters.



Weekly Vocab #3.6, May 4, 2003

This one's for randomness.

1. to know
I know how to wield a sword.

2. contents
I know the contents of that letter.

3. might
The army's might is not to be mocked, because the four of them can throw
you in the dungeon.

4. murder
They did that to me, saying I murdered someone.

5. to release
They released me because the judge is my uncle.

6. feud
Now there is a feud between my family and the army.

7. sheep
They raid our sheep in the night.

8. poverty
They shall soon reduce us to poverty.

9. vengeance
We are taking vengeance, though.

10. funding
We have convinced the ruler to cut funding to the army. Now they, too,
shall be forced to poverty.



Weekly Vocab #3.7, May 11, 2003

Talk of useful phrases and shopping has affected me. I'm getting it in
Spanish class and on the list.

1. real
This is not real silk.

2. skirt
I'd like to try on that skirt. (No, I'm not a transvestite.)

3. to need
I need to find a present for my sister.

4. stair
The shop is up the stairs and on the left.

5. upper
They don't sell much in an upper room, but it must be cheap to rent.

6. to approve
I don't approve of that style of clothing. It's immodest.

7. jewelry
I would like to go shopping for jewelry now.

8. golden
That is a lovely golden torc. Do you have it in a larger size?

9. color
I love the color of gold.

10. expensive
I can't buy that; it is far too expensive.



Weekly Vocab #3.8, May 18, 2003

1. kilogram (appropriate unit of weight or mass for you and your
I need a kilogram of flour.

2. bread
It's for the bread that I must serve to my cousin.

3. fever
He has a fever.

4. delirious
He is delirious with it, hallucinating that I am a (conculturally
appropriate monster).

5. medicine
The illness requires expensive medicine.

6. witch / quack / healer / shaman
The witch says that her cure only requires a few yams.

7. useless
I thought, if her cure turns out to be useless, I can still order the
doctor's medicine.

8. poultice
The witch concocted a simple poultice of yams.

9. to assure
S/he assured me that it couldn't fail no matter what.

10. to work, succeed
I am certain it would have worked if she had told me to put it on my
cousin's chest rather than eating it!
(That is to say, I ate it since it was made of yams.)



Weekly Vocab #3.9, May 25, 2003

I've been translating "As You Like It". Does it show?
1. to bequeath
My father bequeathed me an education.

2. pittance
He also left me a pittance: (insert proper sum in proper currency/rodent
parts here).

3. to usurp / steal / connive to get
My brother usurped my estates.

4. stable
I am forced to sleep in the stable.

5. horse (or conculturally appropriate beast of burden)
He [my brother] values the horses more than me.

6. worth
Technically, humans aren't worth anything, but a horse is worth a good

7. to run away
Perhaps I'll run away with his prized stallion.

8. courage
I lack courage, though, or constance, so I will relinquish my plans.

9. to suffer
I shall continue to suffer under my brother's culpable disinterest.

10. depressed
I'm so depressed.



Weekly Vocab #3.10, June 2, 2003

Sorry I'm late.
A bit of simple linguistic vocab.
1. to pronounce
Those people pronounce everything oddly.

2. to agglutinate
Finnish agglutinates a lot.

3. to conjugate
He conjugates his verbs superbly.

4. syntax
Some dialects change syntax.

5. morpheme
There are two morphemes in "head cold".

6. refuse
Refuse is building up in the city.

7. stench
The stench is horrible.

8. to flinch
I flinch whenever I pass a midden.

9. to play (instrument)
I play a lyre for rich men of the city.

10. proud
They are overbearingly proud, but they also pay well.

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