Weekly Vocabs

Set 2, by Aidan Grey

Last Modified: 1/31/04

#2.1, Oct 18, 2002 - crowd, lead, ready, slow, rent, popularity, -ion, addition, hat, pack
#2.2, Oct 26, 2002 - whoever, which, scale, throat, set, slight, upstairs, reduce, care, imagination
#2.3, Nov 8, 2002 - president, office, trap, operate, idea, blame, descriptive, upright, everything, own
#2.4, Nov 8, 2002 - life, journey, brick, merry, fail, approve, jaw, hardship, whatever, goods
#2.5, Nov 17, 2002 - answer, silence, tune, camp, blood, lend, equal, determination, anger, name
#2.6, Nov 24, 2002 - me/I, quick, preparation, sum, pity, pipe, dip, outdoor, priest, pretty
#2.7, Nov 29, 2002 - machinery, into, wicked, mid-, turn, historical, upset, him, damage, apparatus
#2.10a, Jan 26, 2003 - bathe, narrow, jealous, sting, who, grief, decrease, annoy, camera, boot
#2.10b, Jan 26, 2003 - her, poor, sexual, origin, wise, cut, active, among, service, his

Vocab #2.1, Oct 18, 2002

Hey all,

Since people want it to continue, here we go. I'll still provide
sentences for context.

The goal here is to get through Longman's dictionary of 2197+ words,
which should be a good base for anyone. I'll do 10 words, 10 sentences, and
provide a theme grammatical structure each time. I will try to account for
obvious multiple meanings, and also make an effort to provide sentences
that reflect normal or newspaper speech, and not weird exercise language
(if you understand what I'm getting at).

So, here we go:

Theme: topicalization (make the vocab word the topic or focus of the

1. crowd
There was a huge crowd in front of the building.

2. lead
She led her dog into the field.
Her dog was on a lead.
The pipes are made of lead.

3. ready
He's ready to go now.

4. slow
Snails are slow.
He runs slowly, and I bet he won't win the race.

5. rent
I have to pay rent on the 5th of every month.

6. popularity
This was just a popularity contest.

7. -ion
two parts here: first, how are verbal nouns formed?
act > action, move > motion, see > vision.
second, the sentence:
His action was hasty.

8. addition
Even the addition of an extra student increased class sizes beyond
tolerable limits.

9. hat
Today is a say-something hat day!

10. pack
I need to pack for my trip.
The pack she wore on the trip was way too heavy.



Vocab #2.2, Oct 26, 2002

Good job to everyone who did last weeks'! Keep up the good work!

correlative pronouns

1. whoever

Whoever stole my wallet is going to die!

2. Which

Which one do you like better?

3. scale

What kind of bathroom scale do you have?
How many scales are there on a trout?
Someone scaled the wall silently.

4. throat

My throat hurt, so I guessed I had some kind of infection.

5. set

Every one of the dish sets was chipped
Everytime he sets the table, he forgets the spoons.

6. slight

Whenever her son has a slight cough, she takes him to the doctor.

7. upstairs

When we play hide-and-seek, sometimes I like to hide upstairs.

8. reduce

He needs to reduce the number of cigarettes he smokes.

9. care

No one cares about him.

10. imagination

I never had the imagination you have.


Vocab #2.3, Nov 8, 2002 (1 of 2)

topic: genitive relatives (or whatever the "whose..." clauses are called)

1. president
2. office
The president whose office is oval has moved to the country.
(I swear this juxtaposition was random)
3. trap
The hunter whose trap was empty is angry.
4. operate
He operated on her.
He knows how to operate a well/pump.
5. idea
Whose idea was that?
6. blame
The girl whose dress is torn blames you.
7. descriptive
The guy whose writing is very descriptive will probably win awards.
8. upright
It stood upright against the wall.
9. everything
Everything is as messed up!
10. own
The old woman who owns that cat is really mean.
I can barely see my own hand in front of my face.



Vocab #2.4, Nov 8, 2002 (2 of 2)

topic: how to disambiguate (if at all) 3rd person referents

1. life
She owed her her life.
2. journey
Their journey to visit their friends was long.
3. brick
He gave his brick to him.
4. merry
She was merry all day at the festival.
5. fail
He failed to save him.
6. approve
He approved his request.
7. jaw
Their jaws were bruised from fighting their enemies.
8. hardship
He thought his hardship too great to bear.
9. whatever
Whatever she did, she was not happy.
10. goods
Their goods were locked on their wagon.



Vocab #2.5, Nov 17, 2002

This week's installment (a little late...sorry!)

topic: predicate adjectives

1. answer
Her answer was too short.
She answered at length.
2. silence
The silence was uncomfortable.
3. tune
The tune he played was beautiful.
He tuned his tuneable instrument.
4. camp
Their camp was nearly invisible.
They camped on the butte.
5. blood
Blood is red.
6. lend
She lends her time to anyone who asks.
7. equal
We get equal pay for our work.
8. determination
Her determination was impressive.
9. anger
His anger was frightening.
10. name
Their names are far too long.


Vocab #2.6, Nov 24, 2002

topic: finite complement clauses

1. me, I
It bothers me that she is late.
2. quick
I hope that Sam is quick.
3. preparation
I think she made a lot of preparations.
4. sum
The sum of these numbers is 42.
I know that she sums quickly.
5. pity
It is a pity that he did that.
6. pipe
Their pipes are dirty.
7. dip
There is a dip in the road here.
I hear she dips her jelly donuts in her tea.
8. outdoor
I saw him outdoors. (adv)
I want to go on an outdoor adventure. (adj)
9. priest
The priest says that she is an honest woman.
10. pretty
I smelled the pretty flowers.

have fun with these, guys. Next week it'll be non-finite clauses.



Vocab #2.7, Nov 29, 2002

Wow, this week it's even on time!

topic: non-finite clauses

1. machinery
To repair machinery is difficult.
2. into
Entering into machinery is a serious matter.
3. wicked
She wants to be a wicked woman.
4. mid-
Mid-century, being a wicked woman was dangerous.
5. turn
It's your turn.
He needs to turn around.
6. historical
They want to study historical documents.
7. upset
We are upset about his coming.
8. him
We need to tell him.
9. damage
They are trying to damage our reputation.
It took a lot of damage in the battle.
10. apparatus
This apparatus needs to be repaired.



Vocab #2.10a, Jan 26, 2003 (1 of 2)

After a nice little break, the exercises are back. Since I was absent for
so long, I've got two sets, continuing with the list.
I'm finding it difficult to come up with "topics" for the context
sentences, it would be a great help. This is why the second set is "up for
grabs". Make up your own context sentences... highlight a special feature
of your conlang.

Here we go:

Topic: negation

1. bathe
He didn't bathe yesterday.
2. narrow
This road isn't that narrow.
3. jealous
I am not jealous!
4. sting
Luckily, the hornet didn't sting me.
5. who
Who wouldn't?
6. grief
She couldn't come to grips with her grief.
7. decrease
The profits have not decreased for 2 years.
8. annoy
You couldn't annoy me if you tried.
9. camera
That is not a camera - it's a calculator.
10. boot
She doesn't like boots.
Don't boot him out!


Vocab #2.10b, Jan 26, 2003 (2 of 2)

topic: Up for grabs

1. her
2. poor
3. sexual
4. origin
5. wise
6. cut
7. active
8. among
9. service
10. his

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