Weekly Vocabs

Set 1, by Aidan Grey

Last Modified: 1/31/04

#1.1, Mar 29, 2002 - birch, werewolf, save, conquer, motif
#1.2, Apr 5, 2002 - forest, mushroom, to look for something, To find something, base/bottom, moss, basket/bag, pine needles, each, always
#1.3, Apr 12, 2002 - doctor / healer, medicine, ear, eye, friend, itch and/or scratch, hurt/pain, diagnosis, cure/heal, ill
#1.4, Apr 19, 2002 - bunny/rabbit, ferret, knife, alien/foreigner, ouch!/ow!, help!, aaaa!, aaaargh!, grrrr!, blood
#1.5, Apr 26, 2002 - coffee, tea, steep/brew, pastry/biscuits/cookies, milk, bitter, sweet, wired, mellow, coffee house
#1.6, May 3, 2002 - bead (n), thread (n), needle, sew, bead (v), spill, cut, shiny, stitch (n), obsessive
#1.7, May 10, 2002 - book, desk, study, finals, midterm(s), grade/score/marks, stress, busy, write/compose, research
#1.8, May 17, 2002 - bread, flour, glaze (n or v), muffin, bakery, oven, bake, cost/price, unusual, holiday
#1.9, May 24, 2002 - bless, curse, charm/amulet, sorcerer/wizard, magic (n or adj), ritual/ceremony, chant (n or v), bestow, amazing, prayer
#1.10, May 31, 2002 - house, wall, door, threshold, window, lock (v or n), room, bathroom, corner, ceiling


Weekly Vocab #1.1, Mar 29, 2002

A lot of people have complained/noticed/commiserated about the
difficulty of vocab creation. I don't really have a solution, but I thought
providing 5 (or 10) words a week might help with the issue somewhat. If I
provided 5 words every week, and assuming that someone created words for
the items, oh, 80% of the time, that's 52 x 5 x 0.8 = 208 new word a year.
Not a huge jump forward, but certainly better than the 15 per year some of
us (like myself) get stuck at.

I'll start with five (but 10 would put our number above up to 416!), and
if it looks like it will help, I'll continue to do so weekly, and may
upgrade the number depending on popularity and usefulness.

Here goes:

1. birch (the tree)
2. werewolf / lycanthrope of some variety
3. to save (money)
4. to conquer
5. motif

Of course, free variation from the meanings here is encouraged. Some may
not be appropriate to your lang / conculture, and the point is to help
create vocab, not nitpick what any given word means in particular.

I'll post my new vocab in a different post. I'm hoping that seeing what
other people do will also help inspire me.


Weekly Vocab #1.2, Apr 5, 2002

This week's exercises brought to you by the indirect relative and the
letters F (for forest) and M (for mushroom).

1. forest
2. mushroom (edible)
3. to look for something
4. To find something after searching for it
5. base, bottom
6. moss
7. basket, bag
8. pine needles, leaves of a conifer
9. each
10. always

Sentences (1 per word, for now):

1. The forest is in that direction. (or "over there", said while
pointing to it)
2. I like mushrooms very much!
3. I often go searching for mushrooms in the forest.
4. She kept the mushroom that I tripped over.
5. At the base of which tree did you find that mushroom?
6. There is no moss on the base of that tree.
7. Put the mushroom in the basket.
8. These baskets, the handles of which are made of pine needles, are useful.
9. That is the woman to whom I give each of the mushrooms.
10. I always go looking for mushrooms in the forest through which we
walked today.

I understand that some of these sentences are complex, and could imply a
bunch of new vocabulary on their own. Don't feel like you have to do each
one - I feel that one sentence on it's own might be enough! And don't be
afraid to twist the vocab or sentences around to fit your needs. The point
is to give you a reliable exercise to help with vocab and grammar creation,
not make you cry or pull your hair out.

But do try to get in something with an indirect relative in it!
Suggesting new sentences for those might not be bad, since my efforts to
create indirect relatives are 1) weird, and 2) dependent on English
morphology. Some languages will have more frequent indirect relatives, and
others none at all.



Weekly Vocab #1.3, Apr 12, 2003

Brought to you by D (for doctor) and possessive pronouns.

1. doctor / healer
2. medicine
3. ear
4. eye
5. friend
6. itch and/or scratch
7. hurt / pain (the verb ... or not)
8. diagnosis
9. cure / heal
10. ill


1. She is my doctor.
2. _That_ is _my_ medicine, and _this_ is yours.
3. She looked in their ears.
4. She looked in (or tested, or..) her (someone else's) eye.
5. Our friends are ill.
6. His scratch (the one on him) is worse than his scratch (the one he
caused on someone else unspecified).
7. Do y'all's heads hurt? / Do you guys have headaches?
8. His diagnosis (that he gave) is that she will get better.
9. His diagnosis (for the disease he has) has a cure.
9a. She will cure my friends.
10. I am not ill anymore.


considerable room for playing around with semantics here. I've
highlighted issues of inalienable or alienable possession, so that those
who have such concepts in their langs can show it off. Also, 9a is an
alternate, depending on which semantic range you go for with cure.

Have fun! I hope to put Taalennin up this time, but don't hold your
breath (coming up on the end of the term - major studying...)



Weekly Vocab #1.4, Apr 19, 2002

Brought to you by S (for Sluggy) and F (for Freelance) and excalamations.

( see http://www.sluggyfreelance.com it's a very great web-comic, and
even has special gold foil episodes! I recommend it to all the twisted out
there - this weeks vocab and context sentences will make a lot of sense
after reading some of it...)

1. bunny / rabbit
2. ferret
3. knife
4. alien / foreigner
5. ouch! / ow!
6. help!
7. aaaa! (a scream of terror)
8. aaaargh! (a scream of pain / failure / death)
9. grrrr! (an intimidating growl)
10. blood


1. That bunny has a knife!
2. This is my ferret. She likes to dance!
3. The bunny with the knife is coming for me!
4. Does that alien eat people or not?
5. Ouch! The rabbit with the knife cut off my arm!
6. Help! I'm bleeding to death!
7. Aaaaa! The rabbit is coming back!
8. Aaaargh! It cut off my other arm!
9. Grrrr! I will step on (crush / squish by foot) that rabbit!
10. The rabbit cut off my legs. Look at the pretty pools of blood.



Weekly Vocab #1.5, Apr 26, 2002

Brought to you by C (for coffee), the distinction between perfective and
habitual past tenses, and intensive adjectives.

1. coffee / bitter drink / culturally distinctive drink
I used to drink coffee.

2. tea / herbal tea
I drank the tea in one gulp.

3. steep / brew
She used to steep the tea for 10 minutes, but she steeped this cup
for only 7 minutes.

4. pastry / biscuits / cookies
She had pastry with her coffee once.
She had pastry with her coffee every day.

5. milk
She doesn't take milk in her tea.

6. bitter
The coffee was very bitter today.
The coffee was bitter every day.

7. sweet
He likes his tea too strong and too sweet for us.

8. wired / the feeling obtained after drinking 43 cups of coffee
That guy is wired! He drinks too much coffee.

9. mellow / calm / soothing (of music)
The music they play is too mellow for my taste.

10. street vendor / coffee house / tea bar / the culturally appropriate
place to buy a cup of tea or coffee
That street vendor always had the best tea, but then his wife left him.

(note: in #10, it's a habitual past followed by a perfective)

[p.s. In honor of my becoming the manager of the grad student coffee
house on campus. Yay!]



Weekly Vocab #1.6, May 3, 2002

brought to you by C (for crafts) and B (for beads) and prep/post-positions.

1. bead (n).
There are beads all over the place!

2. thread (n)
I have thread stuck in my teeth.

3. needle
Ow! I sat on a needle!

4. sew (v)
My sister sewed me to the chair.

5. bead (v)., put beads on something, make something with beads
He beaded a bunny with a knife. He's sick in the head.

6. spill
Dang! I spilled my beads into my coffee!

7. cut
Cut the thread between this spot and that spot, please.

8. shiny
Those beads are shiny. I like shiny things.

9. stitch (n)
For this stitch, bring the thread through the bead, over the previous
bead, under the thread, and back through the bead again.

10. obsessive / obsessed with / obsessing about
Lately, I find my self obsessed with beads.

Have fun guys!


Weekly Vocab #1.7, May 10, 2002

Brought to you by f (for finals) and s (for studying) and comparative

1. book
That book over there (yonder) is thicker than the one I'm using now.

2. desk
I sat at my desk longer than the day has hours. (i.e. for more than 24

3. study
I've been studying with better students than I (am).

4. finals / final examinations (also as sg.)
I will do better on the final than him.

5. midterm(s) / midterm examination(s)
I did worse on my midterm for this class than I've ever done before.

6. grade / score / marks
I hope to get higher scores on the final exams than I did on the
midterm exams.

7. stress(ed): n. or adj.
I am more stressed than I thought I would be.

8. busy
I have been busier than ever lately.

9. write, compose (a paper, article, etc)
I have to write 678 papers by Tuesday.

10. research
I have never researched a topic longer than I have researched this one.
(this sentence includes an opportunity for a resumptive verb or proverb, if
you have one!)

On a side note, I wonder if these have been useful to people? I mean,
do people have requests for topics? Have I been too obtuse in my selections
of subject matter? Or are they great / fantastic / more amazingly amazing
than the most amazing thing one could ponder? Just want to check in and see
how people are feeling about the exercise.

Also, I may not do the exercises this summer (travelling), but will
definitely resume once late August hits. Is this okay, or will people go
into withdrawal? ;^D

Aidan the harried student


Weekly Vocab #1.8, May 17, 2002

brought to you by
B for bakery
number agreement (or not).

1. bread
I would like 4 loaves of bread, please.

2. flour
This bread is made with 7 cups of flour.
(obviously, convert this to your native measuring system.)

3. glaze (n or v)
This delicious-looking loaf is glazed with honey/has a honey glaze.

4. muffin
They have 42 kinds of sweet muffins.

5. bakery
My favorite bakery is 4 streets over.

6. oven
The bakery is very busy - we have to use all 8 ovens constantly.

7. bake
That bread is baked, but those 3 over there are fried.

8. cost / price
How much do those 6 loaves cost?

9. unusual
This is an unusual recipe for bread - it has very little flour!

10. holiday
I want to order 9 holiday loaves. What will the cost be?

Enjoy the bready goodness!



Weekly Vocab #1.9, May 24, 2002

It's magically delicious!! (adjectives>adverbs and spiritual/magical ideas)

More so than other topics I've presented, this exercise might require
significant tweaking on your part....

1. bless

She blessed me softly (i.e. in a soft voice).

2. curse

We cursed them quickly because they wounded us.

3. charm / amulet / talisman / lucky charm

I made a beautifully carved amulet from the bone that I found.

4. sorcerer / wizard / magician / shaman

That sorcerer usually blesses our charms for us.

5. magic (n or adj)

This charm was made with magic.
or This magically blessed charm is powerful.

6. rite / ritual / ceremony

She curses them every day.

7. chant (n or v)

She is a sorceress, and she usually chants magical words.

8. bestow

This charm bestows happiness.

9. amazing

Zaphod says that it is amazingly amazing!

10. prayer

Prayer is powerful magic.


Weekly Vocab #1.10, May 31, 2002

Brought to you by a (architecture), d (directions), and subordinate clauses.

Note: I'm going to give fewer context sentences since it seems that 10 is too

1. house
2. wall
3. door
4. threshhold
5. window
6. lock (v or n)
7. room
8. bathroom
9. corner
10. ceiling

My house has a door that faces north, but windows that face east and west.

That unusual house has 6 walls per room.

The threshhold is where the door is.

There aren't any locks on the doors, not even on the bathroom door.

In the southern corner, against the ceiling, there are many cobwebs.


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