Minyeva Root Words - English

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v0.1.1 - 12/8/06

1234 total words

s.- = state/action, no object
s.o = state/action with direct object
s.o+io = state/action with direct object and indirect object

n.d = noun discrete
n.d.o = noun discrete with direct object
n.m = noun mass

cj = causijunction

B - 78
babi (s.-) - poor (moneywise). direct object = what <subj> is poor in. antonym = faco.
baco (s.o) <bao> - to have: temporary control/possession. reciprocal = kavo.
badzo (n.d) - young adult (ages 21-29).
bafo (s.-) - [government] rise (to power). antonym = voke.
bagi (s.-) - to whine.
bajo (s.-) - broken (not working), out of order. antonym = muli.
bako (s.o) - to fight (physically), to combat.
balo (s.o) <ba> - belong to (as an inalienable possession), piece, part (of a larger entity). direct object = possessor, larger entity. reciprocal = mlone.
bando (n.d) - river.
bani (n.d) - calendar day (midnight to midnight).
bano (n.d) - condition, state.
basko (n.d) - office.
basto (n.m) - fabric.
bato (n.d) - piece (not of a bigger whole).
batsi (s.o) - to occur to <subj> that <foc>, think of (new idea). direct object = thought, idea.
bavi (s.o) - to know: to be informed about, know a fact. antonym = fwe'bavi.
bazi (n.d.o) - idea. direct object = content of the idea.
bazo (s.-) - adjustable, moveable. antonym = zigo.
bazwi (n.d) - a stone, rock.
beca (s.o+io) - to present (in front of), show. direct object = object. indirect object = who <foc> is shown to.
beda (s.-) - important.
bega (s.-) - sullen, morose. antonym = voze.
beja (s.o) - be confused (about).
bejna (n.d) - side.
beka (s.-) - proper. antonym = gize.
beksu (n.d) - jaw.
beku (s.o) - to suffer (from). direct object = cause of suffering.
bela (s.o) - to do an incantation, spell, charm, perform magic. direct object = utterance.
bema (s.-) <be> - be big. antonym = zite.
benu (s.o) - out: not in one's office or place of work (eg, "the doctor is out"). direct object = place of work. antonym = suki.
beqka (s.o) - operate on (surgically). direct object = patient.
besa (s.o) - to run away (from). direct object = location/thing.
beta (s.o) - be busy (with; temporary engagement). direct object = activity. antonym = qali. in contrast to = roke.
betca (n.d) - sword.
bevu (s.o) - similar to, like. direct object = entity compared to. antonym = nibo.
biko (s.o) - [anything] to be sick (with): human disease, erratic software functioning. direct object = disease, sickness, virus. antonym = lena.
biske (n.d) - a cluster, clump (tight group). antonym = tige.
bite (s.-) - luminous.
bive (s.o) - to sniff, smell (something). direct object = thing smelt.
bizo (s.-) - hard-working. antonym = vome.
blaki (n.d) - ferret.
bleja (n.d) - a surface.
blena (n.m) - sand.
bleta (n.d) - a single cattle animal (cow or bull).
bleva (s.-) - move (residence).
blijo (n.m) - cheese.
blikso (n.d) - a stitch.
blone (n.d) - kid, child (ages 0-12).
bobe (s.-) - short (length). antonym = sepu.
bobu (s.o) - procede. direct object = action: "with X" or "to X".
boce (s.o) <boi> - be in, within. direct object = container. reciprocal = cige.
bocke (n.d) - a chicken.
bodje (n.m) - ground (surface).
bogve (n.d) - voice.
boju (s.-) - fierce, ferocious, vicious.
boke (s.-) - sudden. antonym = cice.
boku (n.d) - tail.
bole (s.o) - to plan. direct object = activity.
bome (s.o) - hinder. direct object = thing/person hindered. antonym = daci.
bonde (n.d) - spoon.
bone (s.-) - free (unhindered). antonym = fado.
boqe (s.o) - to be wrapped (up in X). direct object = wrapping.
botce (s.o) - to have a prize. direct object = prize.
bote (s.-) - hard (surface). antonym = jivo.
botse (n.d) - a mind.
buca (s.o) - to be failure (at). direct object = activity. reciprocal = goku. antonym = digo.
bucta (n.d) - web, net.
bula (s.-) - handsome (masculine attrictiveness).
buma (s.-) - to be mature (physiologically). antonym = jali.
buna (n.d) - child, offspring, son/daughter.
busa (s.-) - unskilled. antonym = luci.
buski (n.d) - pike.
buspa (s.-) - sour.
buti (n.d) - room (of a dwelling).
buvi (s.-) - to swing around (rotate around end), twirl.
buza (s.o) - result from. direct object = cause. reciprocal = voce.
bwekcu (n.d) - cup (standard measurement).
bweza (n.m) - cous-cous.

C - 74
cabi (s.o) - have color. direct object = the color.
caci (s.-) - virtual, cyber-, electronic (information). antonym = kibo.
cacki (n.m) - cloth.
cajni (n.d.o) - disciple, follower. direct object = person followed.
caki (n.d) - a circle, circular (shape).
casi (s.o+io) - to sell. direct object = merchandise. indirect object = recipient. reciprocal = futa.
cato (s.-) - open. antonym = lobu.
cavo (s.o) - smell (experience sensation). direct object = a smell.
cazo (s.-) - dull (not shiny). antonym = zwapo.
ceba (cj) - though, however.
cefa (n.m) - air.
cela (n.d) - point in time.
cenda (n.d) - "intelligent" being (human, alien, angel, etc).
censu (n.m) - rice.
cenu (s.o) - be about, have to do with, concern, relate to, be on the subject of. direct object = topic.
cepa (s.-) - infrequent, rare (occurrence). antonym = vabi.
ceqa (s.-) <ce> - be hypothetical.
ceqka (s.o) - stuck (on), caught (on), snagged (on). direct object = object caught on.
ceva (n.m) - music.
cice (s.-) - gradual. antonym = boke.
cide (s.o) - to value, consider important, care about. direct object = thing valued. antonym = poze.
cige (s.o) - to contain. direct object = thing contained. reciprocal = boce.
cike (cj) - with the result of (causation: physical/scientific).
ciko (s.-) - nice, lovely, pleasant. antonym = qisa.
cime (n.d) - daughter. antonym = kizo. hypernym = buna.
cinse (n.m) - space (third dimension).
cipe (s.o) - attend/be enrolled in school/college. direct object = school attended.
cise (s.-) - positive, good (news). antonym = lega.
cize (s.-) - fast (reaction, acceleration). antonym = fano. in contrast to = deza.
cleta (n.d) - a scratch.
cnagi (s.-) - to rain (fall down in many little pieces), snow.
cnega (n.d) - puddle.
cneva (s.o) - to rent. direct object = thing rented.
coce (n.d) - morning (sunrise to noon).
code (s.-) - unpopular (product: low-selling). antonym = gotsu.
coje (s.-) - clear, transparent. antonym = kano.
coju (s.o) - intend to (do/have), want to (do/have). direct object = object/activity. in contrast to = lije.
coku (s.-) - hidden. antonym = kupi.
cole (n.d) - pair of underwear.
colu (s.-) - to be worth it.
comu (n.d) - [human/primate] hand.
conde (n.d) - a salad.
cone (s.-) - quiet. antonym = wetu.
cote (s.o) - be pointed towards, face (towards). direct object = direction/destination.
cozu (s.-) - low. antonym = vime.
cpawi (s.o) - be hurt emotionally. direct object = source of pain.
cpile (s.o) <cpi> - be among. direct object = what <subj> is among.
cpope (n.d) - a dress (female garment).
ctavo (n.d) - heaven.
cteka (n.d) - penny, pfennig, etc (smallest coin).
ctela (n.d.o) - token: symbol, sign, indication. direct object = what <subj> is a sign of.
cteva (n.d) - lake. hypernym = slite.
ctewa (n.d) - principle/rule of a discipline (science, art, law, etc).
ctipe (n.d) - a trout.
ctuna (n.m) - time (vs. space).
cuci (cj) - by (action to accomplish something).
cucki (s.-) - blended.
cuda (s.o) - find, get (temporary possession, no special effort). direct object = thing found. in contrast to = tafo.
cufta (n.d) - a forest.
cugi (s.o) - to be visiting. direct object = people/place being visited.
cuka (s.o) - be hurt (surface pain). direct object = source of pain.
cukli (n.d) - a thread.
cula (s.-) - go (generic), move.
cuma (n.m) - paste.
cumi (s.-) - inactive. antonym = pagi.
cuna (s.o) - disadvantaged (with). direct object = thing disadvantaged with. antonym = vope.
cuni (s.o) <cu> - be focus (grammatical category) of an action. direct object = the action.
cunta (n.d) - trait, attribute.
cusa (s.-) - fuzzy.
custa (s.-) - to skate.
cuva (n.d) - manner.
cuvi (s.-) - smooth. antonym = pati.
cuzi (s.-) - cooled, energetic, clean, etc (state after being refreshed). antonym = kino.
cwaki (s.-) <cwa> - definite, certain.

D - 70
daci (s.o+io) - help. direct object = activity. indirect object = person helped. antonym = bome.
daji (s.o) - pass by, go by. direct object = what <subj> passes.
dali (s.o) - to lust after. direct object = object of lust.
danto (n.d) - source, origin.
davi (s.o) - attached (to). direct object = thing attached to. reciprocal = luva.
dazi (n.d) - a spiral, spiraled.
deca (n.d) <de> - a natural set: pair of socks, head of hair, four wheels (of a car), two wheels (of a bike) etc.
deja (s.o) - understand, comprehend. direct object = something communicated.
dejna (n.d) - fleet.
deju (s.-) - gray.
deka (s.o) - to guess. direct object = the guess.
dela (s.-) - healthy (uninjured). antonym = plusi.
densa (n.d) - a string.
denu (n.d) - thing (generic; object, activity, event).
depi (s.o) - do well (at). direct object = activity. antonym = malo.
deqku (n.d) - a bagel.
desa (s.-) - boring, dull. antonym = fago.
despi (n.d) - a building.
deta (s.-) - cute.
deva (s.o) - to receive (with or without effort). direct object = thing received. in contrast to = nide.
deza (s.-) - fast, quick (speed, velocity). antonym = zamo. in contrast to = cize.
didje (s.o) - to trip (on something), stumble. direct object = thing tripped on.
didze (n.d) - heart.
dife (s.o) - to look at. direct object = thing looked at.
difte (n.d) - leaf.
dige (s.-) - flat (thin).
digo (s.o) - to be successful (at). direct object = activity. reciprocal = jino. antonym = buca.
dijne (s.o) - absent. direct object = what <subj> is absent from. antonym = pleja.
dike (s.o) - to cut. direct object = thing cut.
dile (s.o) <di> - take short amount of time. direct object = amount of time taken. antonym = supa.
dinde (n.d) - hill.
dine (n.d) - book.
dino (s.-) - occasional (non-regular).
dinse (s.o) - attracted to. direct object = what <subj> is attracted to.
dipe (n.d) - [living thing] foot.
diqke (s.o) - arranged. direct object = arrangement/pattern/order.
diqo (s.-) - visible. antonym = zibo. hypernym = kupi.
diske (s.o+io) - to diagnose. direct object = problem/disease. indirect object = patient.
dite (s.-) - complicated. antonym = faji.
djegu (n.d) - car.
djeku (s.-) - to shoot (as a projectile).
djepa (s.-) - to flow out of something.
djobe (n.m) - visible light.
djuta (n.d) - a cart.
dobe (n.d) - [person's] back.
dode (s.-) - connected (to). direct object = thing connected to.
dofe (s.o) - to count. direct object = thing that <subj> counts.
doge (s.o) - take classes/be a student. direct object = classes.
doju (s.o) - to rule, govern. direct object = kingdom/people ruled.
doke (s.o) - effectively (in effect): equal to because of circumstance. direct object = thing that <subj> is equal to.
dokle (n.d) - shadow.
dombe (n.d) - a butt, ass.
dome (n.d) - north.
domu (s.-) - combined, together. direct object = what <subj> is together with. antonym = zuda.
dote (n.d) - a city.
dotu (s.o) - be added to. direct object = thing added to.
dove (s.-) - energetic, wired. antonym = qico.
dozu (s.-) - comfortable. antonym = keca.
dugvi (n.d) - a sandal.
dula (s.-) - new (product), young. antonym = nico.
duna (s.o) - to pray. direct object = prayer.
dusa (n.d) - (human) body.
dusi (s.-) - primitive, low. antonym = suta.
duta (n.d) - bottom of. antonym = keda.
duti (s.o) - bite.
dutsa (s.-) - sensitive (easily hurt).
duvli (n.m) - sugar.
duza (s.o) - blame. direct object = person/thing blamed.
dzaso (n.d) - lion.
dzeba (n.d) - mushroom.

F - 79
fabi (s.-) - to spring.
fabo (n.d) - night/early morning (midnight to sunrise).
faco (s.-) - rich. direct object = thing that <subj> is rich in. antonym = babi.
fado (s.-) - hindered. antonym = bone.
fadzo (n.d) - bangs (hair).
fago (s.-) - exciting. antonym = desa.
faji (s.-) - simple. antonym = dite.
fajni (s.o) - promise. direct object = thing that <subj> promises.
fakco (n.d) - problem.
fali (n.d) - girl (ages 0-12). antonym = goze. hypernym = blone.
falo (n.m) - life (life force).
fami (s.-) - barely.
fano (s.-) - slow (reaction, acceleration). antonym = cize. in contrast to = zamo.
fanto (n.d) - alien (not from earth).
favi (n.d) - spouse.
favli (s.-) - ripped.
fazo (s.-) - flawed, imperfect. antonym = lefa.
feca (s.-) - stupid, dumb, slow (low IQ). antonym = pise. in contrast to = wako.
fectu (n.d) - seven day week.
fedu (s.o) - to write. direct object = subject matter.
fefa (s.o) - to doubt. direct object = thing doubted. antonym = tema.
fega (s.-) - rude. antonym = yani.
feja (s.-) - to progress. antonym = kotu.
fela (s.-) - comfortable (situation). antonym = sano.
fenda (n.d) - a land, country, nation, state.
feqka (n.d) - paw.
feta (s.o) - push, pull. direct object = thing pushed/pulled. hyponyms = tazo, vipe
fetu (n.m) - water.
fevla (n.d) - a language.
feza (s.-) - hollow. antonym = zote.
fice (s.-) - silent.
ficto (s.o) - married. direct object = person married to.
figo (n.m) - rain (environmental water).
fijne (n.d) - road (non-city).
fijo (s.o) - to miss (the presence of). direct object = thing missed. antonym = li'fijo.
file (s.o) <fi> - belong to (as an alienable possession). direct object = possessor. reciprocal = sluci.
fimbo (n.m) - grass.
fimo (n.d) - ear.
fine (n.d) - million.
fino (s.o) - to mean. direct object = meaning.
finte (n.d) - message.
finwe (n.d) - woman (ages 30-49). antonym = samlo. hypernym = kluja.
fiqko (n.d) - story (writing).
fiso (s.-) - to rotate, spin, revolve. hyponyms = ladi, nize, sigo
fitse (n.d.o) - opponent. direct object = what <subj> is opposed to. antonym = mavli.
flaji (s.o) <flai> - to do professionally. direct object = activity.
flaso (s.-) - to moan.
fleca (s.o) <vu> - to do habitually. direct object = activity.
fleka (n.m) - salt (sodium chloride).
flesa (n.d) - flour.
flice (s.-) <fli> - impossible. antonym = tyaji.
flije (n.d) - bubble.
flike (n.d) - arrow.
floje (n.m) - gold.
flote (n.d) - home.
fluqo (n.d) - an onion.
fluva (n.d) - an infection.
foce (s.o) - right (about), correct (about). direct object = topic. antonym = gapi.
foje (s.o) - be named. direct object = the name.
fojle (s.-) - to be fried.
fojne (s.-) - clear, understandable. antonym = nikce.
folu (s.o) - to listen. direct object = thing listened to.
fome (s.-) - arranged, set up.
fone (s.-) - nice (personality), kind. antonym = pazo.
fonse (n.d) - a lavender plant.
fonte (n.d.o) - center (of activity), hub. direct object = activity that <subj> is a center of.
fote (n.d) - field of study, subject, -logy.
fuji (s.-) - to bathe, take a bath.
fula (s.o) - try on (clothes). direct object = clothes.
fuma (n.d) - a method, way.
funa (s.-) - red.
funsa (s.o) - announce. direct object = announcement.
futa (s.o+io) - buy. direct object = merchandise. indirect object = seller. reciprocal = casi.
futca (s.-) - to row, paddle.
fuva (s.o) - be infatuated with. direct object = object of infatuation.
fuvla (n.d) - a song of praise.
fuza (s.o) - keep (a law), follow. direct object = law kept. antonym = zeku.
fwela (n.d) - a class (what's enrolled in).
fwelu (s.o) - would like (to do/have), prefer (to do/have). direct object = activity/object.

G - 72
gabi (s.-) - afraid. direct object = thing that <subj> is afraid of.
gaci (s.-) - to stand (on legs).
gacti (n.d) - dinner setting (plates, silverware, etc).
gadji (s.o) - be obsessive (about). direct object = object of obsession.
gadzi (n.d) - project.
gaji (s.o) - to feel (internally). direct object = thing felt.
gajni (s.o) - to punish. direct object = who <subj> punishes.
gako (s.-) - unthirsty, quenched. antonym = lote.
gali (s.o) - main, primary. direct object = thing that X is primary of.
gambi (n.d) - bulb (of a flower).
gamo (s.-) - to say something that one believes is false, but in reality is true; to tell a "true lie". direct object = thing told. indirect object = person told.
gando (n.m) - food. hypernym = jocu.
gapci (n.d) - father. antonym = ledza. hypernym = vomu.
gapi (s.-) - incorrect, wrong. antonym = foce.
gato (n.d) - an ear of corn.
gavi (n.d) <ga> - actor that performs a discrete action.
gazi (s.o) - bring. direct object = thing brought.
gedza (n.d) - sheet (of paper).
geju (s.-) - courageous. antonym = lile.
gekfa (s.-) - to be locked.
geska (n.d) - medical doctor.
gesta (n.d) - raspberry.
geva (s.o) - to endure, withstand. direct object = thing endured.
geza (s.-) - beautiful (impressive/dominant attractiveness).
gezu (s.o) - dare (venture to do). direct object = action <subj> is daring to do.
gicko (n.m) - sweet and sour sauce.
gicte (n.d) - story (of a building).
gijne (s.o) - to annoint. direct object = who <subj> annoints.
gijo (s.-) - to be ordered (merchandise).
gimo (n.d) - button (on clothes).
gindo (n.d) - a pig.
gino (s.o) - to hope (for). direct object = thing hoped for.
ginse (n.d) - a seed.
gipe (s.o+io) - feed, give food. direct object = food. indirect object = thing that eats. in contrast to = nabi.
giso (n.d) - song.
gite (n.d) - a curl, curled.
give (s.-) - to fly.
gize (s.-) - improper. antonym = beka.
glaco (n.d) - ball.
glato (n.d) - berry.
gledu (s.o) - to mock. direct object = thing mocked.
glepa (s.o) - pronounce. direct object = thing pronounced.
glepu (n.d) - a brick.
gloke (n.m) - moss.
gobe (s.o) - to hear. direct object = thing heard.
goce (s.-) - old (news, events). antonym = qavi.
gocte (s.o) - tolerate. direct object = thing/person tolerated.
goku (s.-) - [a project] be a failure. reciprocal = buca. antonym = jino.
gonde (n.d) - a teenager, adolescent (ages 13-20).
gopu (s.o) - to hate. direct object = thing hated. antonym = vole.
gose (s.-) - wise. antonym = kocu.
gote (s.-) - ok, alright.
gotsu (s.-) - popular (product: high-selling). antonym = code.
gotu (n.d) - cup.
goze (n.d) - boy (ages 0-12). antonym = fali. hypernym = blone.
grefka (n.m) - coffee.
guba (s.o) - leave, come (from a place). direct object = place left. in contrast to = zato.
guci (s.-) - hungry (for). direct object = food desired. antonym = mive.
gucka (n.d) - a basket.
guga (s.-) - to sound bad. antonym = lone.
gujna (s.o) - to suggest. direct object = idea.
gula (s.-) - permanent. antonym = nevu.
guna (s.o) - be planted (in/at). direct object = location of planting.
gunsi (s.o) - gaze. direct object = what <subj> gazes at.
gunta (n.d) - a light source.
gupwa (n.m) - the country (wilderness).
gusta (n.d) - a crowd.
guva (s.-) - usual, normal. antonym = qesa.
guza (n.d) - a bird.
guzi (n.d) - edge.
guzla (n.d) - [human] chest.
gwepa (n.d) - a skull.

J - 62
jado (s.o) - be hurt (internal pain). direct object = source of pain.
jafo (s.-) - popular (people: liked by many). antonym = tope.
jagi (s.-) - true. antonym = namo.
jaglo (n.d) - a glaze.
jago (n.d) - east.
jako (s.-) - alone.
jali (s.-) - immature (psychologically). antonym = buma.
jamo (s.o) - to climb. direct object = thing climbed.
jasi (s.o) - to appear/look (like). direct object = thing looked like.
jegja (n.d) - smoothie.
jekla (n.d) - pen or pencil.
jema (s.-) - squished.
jemba (n.d) - a people, population of a country.
jenta (s.-) - perserverant.
jeta (s.-) - new (to owner). antonym = sige.
jetu (s.o+io) - give (transfer possession). direct object = object given. indirect object = person given to.
jezu (n.d) - limit, boundary.
jije (s.-) - infinite.
jilo (s.o) - to live (at/in), dwell (in), reside (at), inhabit. direct object = dwelling.
jindo (n.d) - a trap.
jine (s.o) <ji> - to be changed by action. direct object = activity.
jino (s.-) - [a project] be a success. reciprocal = digo. antonym = goku.
jinse (s.o) - meet formally (in conference). hypernym = vefa.
jipe (n.d) - land (region).
jipwe (n.d) - a knife.
jise (s.o) - to love because of beauty. direct object = thing loved.
jite (n.d) - girl (ages 13-20). antonym = lusi. hypernym = gonde.
jive (s.o) - assume. direct object = what <subj> assumes.
jivo (s.-) - soft. antonym = bote.
jlado (n.d) - a grade, score, points.
jlela (n.d) - snake.
jloga (s.o) - to feel (emotions). direct object = thing felt.
jlome (n.d) - sheep.
jlovu (s.-) <jlo> - probable. antonym = pwela.
jluka (n.d) - machine.
jobe (s.o) - to lose. direct object = competition. antonym = zeca.
jocu (n.d) - food and drink. hyponyms = gando, ninde
jodze (s.o) - represent. direct object = concept represented.
joke (n.d) - thousand.
jole (s.-) - be on, running. antonym = miko.
jope (s.-) - known-about. direct object = people who know <subj>.
jotse (s.o) - suppress. direct object = what <subj> suppresses.
jotu (s.-) - roll (forward: full object). in contrast to = mago.
jove (s.o) <jo> - to be honorable. direct object = quality that is honorable. antonym = puda.
joze (s.o) - ignore. direct object = thing that <subj> ignores. antonym = ravo.
judza (n.d) - espresso drink.
jufi (s.o) - sure. direct object = what <subj> is sure about.
jugi (cj) - attempting to.
juma (s.-) - chipped.
juna (s.-) - to sleep. antonym = lumi.
jundi (n.d) - snail.
junsa (n.d) - a law.
jupa (s.o+io) - to steal (something from someone). direct object = thing stolen. indirect object = victim.
juqka (n.d) - an adult.
jutsa (n.d) - time (period).
juva (s.-) - to sit.
juvi (s.-) - amazing.
juya (n.d) - a corner (right angle).
juza (s.-) - to sin.
jwazi (n.d) - a bead.
jyetu (s.o) - be stressed (about; psychological), anxious, nervous. direct object = object of anxiety. antonym = nepa.
jyode (s.o) - aboard. direct object = transportation that <subj> is aboard.

K - 94
kabi (s.o) - to take (when going somewhere). direct object = thing taken.
kaci (n.d) - a push button.
kadi (s.-) - extra, additional.
kadzo (s.o) - to charge (run at: war). direct object = who <subj> charges at.
kafi (n.d) - store or shop.
kafo (s.-) - forceful.
kaji (s.-) - to be baking.
kakco (s.-) - to taste bad, be unsavory. antonym = nusa.
kali (s.o) - to work (hard labor).
kamo (n.d) - hundred.
kano (s.-) - opaque. antonym = coje.
kapo (n.d) - tooth.
kaso (s.o) - insensitive, having difficulty in perceiving with a sense (eg numb, "hard" of hearing, etc). antonym = pite.
kaspo (n.d) - sill (window, door).
kato (s.o) - have an idea/notion/mental concept of. direct object = what <subj> has an idea about.
kavdo (n.d) - desk.
kavo (s.o) <ka> - belong to (temporary control). direct object = possessor. reciprocal = baco.
keba (s.-) - to be solved.
kebza (n.d) - cat.
keca (s.-) - uncomfortable. antonym = dozu.
keda (n.d) - the top of. antonym = duta.
kedja (n.m) - chocolate.
kedza (n.m) - space (vs. time).
keksa (n.d) - soldier.
kela (n.d) - west.
kelu (s.o) - safe (from), secure (from). direct object = danger. antonym = muki.
kena (s.-) - enough.
keta (s.o) - to eat. direct object = thing eaten. hypernym = pano.
kevu (s.-) - oval.
keza (s.o) - to win. direct object = prize.
kibo (s.-) - real(-world) (non-virtual). antonym = caci.
kice (s.-) - constant (repeated).
kidze (n.d) - character, personality.
kije (s.o) - be spread. direct object = location spread at.
kilo (s.-) - twisted (top ^ bottom \/: wound up).
kime (n.d) - niece/nephew.
kimpe (s.o) - guilty. direct object = thing guilty of. antonym = nenta.
kino (s.-) - worn out, tired. antonym = cuzi.
kispe (n.d) - bow (bow & arrow).
kite (s.o) - to chant. direct object = utterance.
kive (s.o) - to be mentally sick, crazy, insane: includes minor and major illnesses like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. direct object = the mental illness. antonym = meja.
kizo (n.d) - son. antonym = cime. hypernym = buna.
klajo (n.d) - a trinket/ornament.
klavi (s.o) - to take revenge (by). direct object = activity.
kleda (n.d) - needle (of metal).
kleta (n.d) - letter.
klocu (n.m) - wind (air).
kloge (n.d) - coat/jacket.
kluja (n.d) - middle-ager (ages 30-49).
klusa (n.d) - muffin.
kobe (s.o) - to hold (with the hands). direct object = thing held.
kobu (n.d) - dish (generic).
koce (s.o) - to need (physical requirement). direct object = thing needed.
kocu (s.-) - foolish. antonym = gose.
kode (s.o) <ko> - to do a discrete action. direct object = the action.
kodze (n.d) - Christmas.
koge (s.o) - send (a package). in contrast to = semu.
kole (cj) - with possible result of.
kome (s.-) - upper (part of something). antonym = mite.
konse (n.d) - reason (why).
konu (s.-) - bruised.
kope (n.d) - a minute.
kose (n.d) - table.
koste (s.-) - to take place, occur, happen (intentionally). direct object = who the event happens to. hypernym = pujna. in contrast to = titse.
kostu (n.m) - blood.
kosu (s.o) - to sound like. direct object = other sound source.
kote (s.o) - to lick.
kotu (s.-) - to regress. antonym = feja.
kove (s.o) - play (fun activity). direct object = activity.
koze (s.-) - fun.
kuba (s.-) - increasing, more and more. antonym = mefa.
kudza (n.d) - a scale (device).
kufa (s.-) - to spit.
kufta (n.d) - blade, spire, spike.
kuja (n.m) - medicine.
kuji (s.o) - work (as an employee). direct object = job.
kujna (n.d) - young woman (ages 21-29). antonym = ziste. hypernym = badzo.
kuma (s.-) - grand, supreme (highest ranked).
kumba (n.d) - class (a group of students).
kumi (s.o) - to enjoy the presence of. direct object = thing enjoyed. antonym = li'kumi.
kunda (n.d) - banana.
kuni (n.o) - have inside/mixed in. direct object = thing that is inside.
kupa (s.o+io) - to hand, give (physically hand over). direct object = thing given. indirect object = recipient.
kupi (s.-) - apparent to senses, manifest. antonym = coku.
kusa (s.o) - to cook, create food. direct object = food created.
kuta (n.m) - ice.
kuti (s.o+io) - pay (one time payment). direct object = amount payed. indirect object = receiver of money.
kutsa (s.-) - colorless. antonym = zleva.
kuva (s.-) - rigid (internal structure). antonym = qocu.
kuza (s.-) - tall. antonym = zagi.
kwazlo (n.d) - mortar (for construction).
kwesa (n.d) - guinea pig.
kwijo (n.d) - an orange.
kwiva (n.d) - shoulder.

L - 81
lacki (n.d) - an award.
ladi (s.-) - to spin, roll (around Z axis). hypernym = fiso.
ladzo (s.o) - prove. direct object = what <subj> proves.
lafi (s.o) - describe. direct object = thing that <subj> describes. object complement = description.
lagi (n.d) - bra.
lago (s.o) - to taste (with the tongue). direct object = thing tasted.
laji (s.-) - to swim.
lambe (s.o) - barbecue. direct object = what <subj> barbecues.
lami (s.o) <la> - to be in equal relation to: vague equality relation. direct object = object of relation.
landi (n.d) - festival.
lanso (s.o) - investigate crime. direct object = what crime <subj> is investigating.
lavo (s.o) - to hang (from). direct object = thing hanging from.
lazi (s.o) - be next (after): approaching, nearest, coming. direct object = thing that <subj> comes after. antonym = moce.
leca (n.d) - earth (the planet).
lecka (n.d) - a pastry roll.
ledza (n.d) - mother. antonym = gapci. hypernym = vomu.
lefa (s.-) - perfect. antonym = fazo.
lega (s.-) - negative, bad (news). antonym = cise.
legla (n.m) - bow & arrows, archery.
leja (s.o) - to be good (generic positive quality). direct object = good quality. antonym = pepa.
lena (s.o) - to be healthy, functioning properly, free from disease. direct object = disease not possessed. antonym = biko.
lensa (s.-) - tactful.
lenu (n.d) - a color.
lepa (s.o) - come (to a place). direct object = place that <subj> arrives at. in contrast to = suvi.
lepta (s.-) - continuous (stream).
lesa (n.d) - eye.
lesta (n.m) - lead (metal).
leta (s.o) - educated (in). direct object = topic.
letu (n.d) - spot, place, location.
leza (n.p) - to be sweet.
lezu (s.o) - love (in a practical manner), like. direct object = thing loved.
libe (s.o) - be naturally formed (out of/from) [any substance]. direct object = substance. antonym = qaco.
lice (s.-) - blue.
lido (s.-) - vertical, upright. antonym = nime.
ligwe (n.d) - tiger.
lije (s.o) - to want, wish (mere desire), would like. direct object = object of desire. in contrast to = coju.
lijne (n.d) - council.
like (s.o) <li> - to be the opposite (of). direct object = opposite.
lile (s.-) - cowardly. antonym = geju.
limbe (n.d) - plate.
linde (n.d) - mouth.
line (s.o) - same (identity). direct object = what <subj> is the same as.
linse (s.-) - sensitive (to others), tender.
liqe (s.o) - to sing. direct object = song.
litce (s.o) - stained. direct object = thing causing stain.
lite (s.-) - real, genuine. antonym = paki.
live (n.d) - friend. antonym = sebu.
livo (s.o) - smart (with), knowledgable (about). direct object = topic. antonym = wako. in contrast to = pise.
lobu (s.-) - closed. antonym = cato.
loce (s.-) - high-numbered, abundant, plentiful, many. antonym = nasi.
lode (s.o) - approve (an action), allow, permit. direct object = activiy. antonym = qita.
lodze (n.d) - brain.
lofe (s.-) - to be magic.
lofu (cj) - if (logical implication).
loge (s.o) - to say, speak. direct object = literal message.
lone (s.-) - sound good. antonym = guga.
lonse (n.d) - dictator, leader of a country by force. hypernym = mikce.
lote (s.o) - thirsty (for). direct object = liquid desired. antonym = gako.
loze (s.-) - weak (powerwise). antonym = muja.
luba (s.o) - ordered (in a sequence). direct object = order or method of ordering.
luci (s.o) - be skilled (at), proficient (at). direct object = activity. antonym = busa.
ludi (s.-) - bold.
lufa (s.-) - cool (temperature). antonym = qoje. more extreme = seca.
luga (s.o) - to squeeze. direct object = thing squeezed.
luja (n.d) - shoe, unit of footwear.
luji (n.d) - south.
lujna (n.d) - mission.
luki (s.-) - to be started (not necessarily naturally). antonym = novu. in contrast to = voge.
luli (s.-) - plain, undetailed. antonym = zefa.
luma (n.d) - chin.
lumba (n.d) - ceiling.
lumi (s.-) - awake. antonym = juna.
luna (s.o) - to perform, play (live music). direct object = the performance.
lundi (n.d) - a rose (flower).
lunsa (n.d) - a chopstick.
lupa (s.o) - to invent. direct object = thing invented.
lusi (n.d) - boy/guy (ages 13-20). antonym = jite. hypernym = gonde.
luta (s.o+io) - to pay (an installment: recurring cost, eg rent). direct object = amount payed. indirect object = receiver of money.
luti (s.o) - to drink. direct object = thing drunken. hypernym = pano.
luva (s.o) - have attached. direct object = thing attached. reciprocal = davi.
luza (s.-) - to have umami taste.

M - 81
mabi (s.-) - grand/great (one generation older).
macki (n.d) - a lock.
madi (s.-) - fat. antonym = nolu.
madvi (n.d) - window.
madzo (s.-) - humble.
mafi (n.d) - shirt.
magi (s.-) - huge, vast. antonym = tite.
maglo (s.o+io) - to borrow. direct object = thing that <subj> borrows. indirect object = who <subj> borrows from. reciprocal = pudza.
mago (s.-) - roll forward (on wheels). in contrast to = jotu.
maji (n.d) - cousin.
makco (n.d) - a ceremony.
mako (s.-) - descriptive.
malo (s.o) - do badly (at). direct object = activity. antonym = depi.
mani (s.o) - to lead. direct object = person lead.
mati (n.d) - [living thing] head.
mavi (s.o) - must, have to (obligation), need to. direct object = activity.
meba (s.o) - to be used (for): as an instrument. direct object = usage. reciprocal = mile. in contrast to = pice.
meca (s.o) - to arrive. direct object = place arrived at.
medu (s.o) - to tell (a story). direct object = the thing told. indirect object = who <subj> tells the story to.
medza (s.o) - to sew. direct object = thing created.
mefa (s.o) - decreasing, less and less. direct object = what quality <subj> is decreasing in. antonym = kuba.
mega (n.d) - afternoon (noon to sunset).
megla (s.o) - wage war. direct object = enemy. antonym = tijne.
megwa (n.d) - old person (age 50+).
meja (s.-) - healthy (mentally), sane. antonym = kive.
mekca (n.d) - shack.
mekcu (n.d) - rabbit.
mekla (n.d) - a pack (as in backpack).
mema (s.-) - unhealthy (ignorant of nutrition). antonym = sago.
memla (n.d) - kleenex, facial tissue.
mensa (n.m) - breeze (light wind).
menu (s.o) - belong at, go (eg, this goes here). direct object = location.
mepla (n.d) - belly button.
mepsa (n.d) - a test, exam, trial.
meta (s.o) - to kiss.
metsu (n.d) - toe.
meva (s.-) - white.
mezu (s.o) - regard, view, think of <foc> as. direct object = thing regarded. object complement = state/quality of <foc>.
micko (n.d) - a pipe (water pipe).
midzo (s.-) - native, indigenous. antonym = vocte.
mikce (n.d) - leader of a country. hyponyms = lonse, plajo, nombe
miko (s.-) - be off, not be running. antonym = jole.
mile (s.o) - to operate, use (for intended use). direct object = thing used. reciprocal = meba. in contrast to = savo.
minde (n.d) - pixie.
mite (s.-) - lower (part of something). antonym = kome.
mive (s.o) - satiated, full (food). direct object = food full with. antonym = guci.
mize (n.d) - beginning (of a process or event). antonym = tuka. in contrast to = papo.
mlago (n.d) - a waffle.
mlaso (n.m) - sweat.
mlavi (n.d.o) - teammate. direct object = who <subj> is a teammate with. antonym = fitse.
mlena (s.o) - to be playing (a recording). direct object = the performance played back.
mleza (s.o) - feel good (emotionally). direct object = source of good feeling.
mloke (n.d) - pineapple.
mlone (s.o) <mlo> - have as a part: components and body parts [inalienable possessions]. direct object = part. reciprocal = balo.
mlosu (n.d) - well, pump.
mluba (n.d) - [living thing] face.
mluja (s.o) - to preach. direct object = thing preached.
mluki (n.d) - piece of paper.
mluti (s.o) - to be able to (physical capability). direct object = activity.
mobe (s.o) - bear, have (a child). direct object = the child. reciprocal = tajo.
moce (s.o) - be previous (before), last one before. direct object = thing which <subj> comes before. antonym = lazi.
mode (s.-) - complete, utter, all the way, whole. antonym = vusa.
mofu (s.-) - torn.
mokce (n.m) - cream.
moke (s.o) - to tell a falsity with the belief that it is true, to err, be wrong. direct object = utterance.
mone (s.o) - be served. direct object = thing served.
monse (s.o+io) - do st. about st.. direct object = action performed. indirect object = situation being handled.
motce (n.d) - gerbil.
mote (s.o) - stay, remain. direct object = place that <subj> remains at.
moze (s.-) - virtuous. antonym = zile.
mrali (n.d) - spider.
muci (s.o) - taste like. direct object = thing tasted like.
mucki (s.o) - to rebel. direct object = who <subj> rebels against.
muja (s.-) - powerful (capability of force). antonym = loze.
muki (s.o) - be in danger. direct object = danger. antonym = kelu.
mula (s.o) - thorough. direct object = activity. antonym = qagi.
muli (s.-) - work (correctly), function. antonym = bajo.
muni (s.o) - to know (a person). direct object = person that <subj> knows.
muta (cj) - but regardless, but ~ anyway.
mwasi (n.d) - army.
mwesa (s.-) - favorite. direct object = person that has <subj> as their favorite. antonym = wedzu.

N - 77
nabi (s.o+io) - to water, give water/juice to. direct object = liquid. indirect object = thing having water given to. in contrast to = gipe.
naci (s.o) - to be blessed (with). direct object = blessing. antonym = peju.
nadi (s.-) - expensive. antonym = sime.
nafo (s.-) - heavy. antonym = site.
nagi (cj) - even though.
naki (s.o) <na> - to be not very; diminutive; weak [signal], small, slight, little (metaphorical). direct object = quality. antonym = vino.
nako (s.-) - to lean.
nali (s.o) - to be the location (of). direct object = thing located.
nami (s.-) - smell good. antonym = sise.
namo (s.-) - false. antonym = jagi.
nasi (s.-) - little (amount), low-numbered, few. antonym = loce.
navi (n.d) - sky.
navo (s.o) - to research. direct object = thing researched.
nazo (s.o) - to feel (touch with fingers). direct object = thing touched.
neda (s.o) - ooze (bleed, sweat). direct object = thing oozed out.
neja (s.o) - be composed (of): [natural substance]. direct object = substance. antonym = steca.
nekcu (n.d) - a lily.
neku (n.d) - gram.
nelu (s.o) - happy, content. direct object = source of happiness. antonym = wabi.
nema (s.-) - just, fair.
nemu (s.o) - speak about (one person talking). direct object = issue spoken about.
nena (s.o) - have a view/perspective. direct object = what <subj> has a perspective on.
nenta (s.) - innocent. direct object = thing not guilty of. antonym = kimpe.
nepa (s.-) - relaxed, calm (not nervous). antonym = jyetu.
nepu (s.o) - to cost (price). direct object = price.
nesa (s.o) - to love (consummate romantic love). direct object = thing loved.
nespa (n.m) - action (excitement in plot).
nesta (n.d) - month.
netu (n.d) - end (of a cycle). antonym = papo. in contrast to = tuka.
nevu (s.-) - temporary. antonym = gula.
neza (s.o) - be in a direction, be "that way", be reachable from path X. direct object = path/direction.
nezlu (n.d) - breast.
nibe (s.-) - to rise, ascend. antonym = zole.
nibo (s.o) - different. direct object = thing different from. antonym = bevu.
nico (s.-) - old (product, person). antonym = dula.
nide (s.o) - acquire, get (possession) by effort. direct object = thing acquired. in contrast to = deva.
nidze (n.m) - gale.
nikce (s.-) - unclear, confusing. antonym = fojne.
nikco (excl) - alas (sorrow, pity, regret).
niko (s.o) - secondary, vice-. direct object = field that this is secondary in.
nime (s.-) - horizontal, laying down. antonym = lido.
ninde (n.m) - drink. hypernym = jocu.
ninse (s.o+io) - forgive. direct object = action that <subj> forgives. indirect object = person that <subj> forgives.
ninto (n.d) - center, middle. direct object = what <subj> is the center of.
nite (s.-) - thin (gas/liquid), light/rare. antonym = sije.
nive (s.o) <ni> - to be a plurality (three or more), to number. direct object = amount. antonym = jako.
nize (s.-) - to roll/pitch (around X axis). hypernym = fiso.
nocte (n.d) - a flower.
nodze (n.d) - line.
nofe (n.d) - [human/primate] arm.
noke (n.d) - hat.
nolu (s.-) - skinny, thin (person). antonym = madi.
nombe (n.d) - president, elected leader of a country. hypernym = mikce.
nove (s.-) - waft, blow (be blown).
novu (s.-) - to be at the end, over (not necessarily a natural end). antonym = luki. in contrast to = sefa.
nubi (s.-) - messed up, screwed up (physically).
nuca (n.m) - money.
nucki (n.d) - a pine tree.
nucta (s.o) - feel sympathy, feel pity. direct object = person that <subj> sympathizes with.
nudza (s.-) - hurry.
nuga (s.-) - to rock, do periodic motion.
nuka (s.-) - destroyed.
nula (s.-) - green.
nusa (s.-) - delicious, tasty. antonym = kakco.
nuska (n.d) - a work week.
nuska (s.-) - thoughtful, considerate.
nuti (s.o) - ready. direct object = event ready for. antonym = zuto.
nuwi (s.o) - be under (supporting: like a table under a vase). direct object = what <subj> is under.
nuzi (s.o) - to carry (in stock). direct object = thing in stock.
nwacki (n.m) - tea.
nwaso (n.d) - oven.
nweka (n.d) - garden.
nyetu (n.d) - a pastry.
nyose (n.d) - close-toed shoe.
nyote (s.o) - to be free (from). direct object = possible captor. antonym = pcabo.
nyove (n.d) - a female. antonym = vlenu.
nyuki (n.d) - boat.

P - 75
pabi (s.o) - to step on. direct object = thing stepped on.
pabjo (n.d) - monster.
packo (n.d) - horse.
paco (s.o) - to talk about, discuss (two or more people talking). direct object = issue discussed.
pado (s.o) - to walk. direct object = path.
padzi (s.-) - blind.
pagi (s.-) - to be up, active (not lying in bed). antonym = cumi.
pago (s.o) - control, run (company). direct object = thing controlled.
pajni (s.o) - to counter (respond). direct object = thing that <subj> counters.
paki (s.-) - fake. antonym = lite.
pando (n.d) - bud (of a flower).
pano (s.o) - eat or drink, ingest, consume, have (to eat/drink). direct object = thing ingested.
papo (n.d) - beginning (of a cycle in a process/event). antonym = netu. in contrast to = mize.
paso (s.o) - open (minded). direct object = what concept <subj> is open to. antonym = sofe.
pati (s.-) - rough (texture). antonym = cuvi.
pato (n.d) - hour.
patso (n.d) - toilet.
pavlo (n.d) - a fruit.
pazo (s.-) - mean (not nice). antonym = fone.
pcabo (s.o) - to be captive. direct object = captor. antonym = nyote.
pcecka (n.m) - tar, bitumen, natural asphalt.
pebu (s.-) - cough.
pecta (n.d) - a writing.
pedza (s.o) - to have the nature of (properties, inborn character). direct object = what <subj> has the nature of.
pega (n.d.o) - tie, bond, link. direct object = thing that <subj> is a link to.
peju (s.o) - to be cursed (with). direct object = the curse. antonym = naci.
pema (n.d) - liter (measure of volume).
penwa (n.d) - an instruction.
pepa (s.o) - to be bad (generic negative quality). direct object = bad quality. antonym = leja.
petu (s.o) - to taste (experience sensation). direct object = thing tasted.
pice (s.o) - to be used for (not necessarily for intended use). direct object = usage. reciprocal = savo. in contrast to = meba.
pige (s.-) - have a fever.
pije (s.-) - to dance.
pijo (n.d) - loaf of bread.
piko (s.o) - to be dead (from). direct object = manner of being dead. antonym = zani.
pilo (s.o) - to love as a committed friend. direct object = thing loved.
pise (s.-) - smart, intelligent (high IQ). antonym = feca. in contrast to = livo.
piso (n.d) - a wall.
pispe (n.d) - armor.
pite (s.-) - sensitive (perception of sense). antonym = kaso.
pito (n.d) - evening (sundown to midnight).
pive (s.o) <pi> - vaguely dominate. direct object = object of relation. vague dominance. antonym = zalo.
pizo (s.o) - drag. direct object = what <subj> drags.
plajo (n.d) - king, monarch, leader of a country by inheritance. hypernym = mikce.
pleja (s.-) - present (not absent). antonym = dijne.
pleka (n.d) - ring, loop, torus.
pleva (n.d) - dog.
ploce (s.o) - to be funded (with), supplied (with), supported (with). direct object = thing supported with.
pluca (n.d) - contest.
plusi (s.o) - [anything] to be wounded/damaged: any physical injury to a living thing or damage to a nonliving thing. direct object = wound/damage. antonym = dela.
podze (n.d) - visual texture/pattern (not necessarily repeating), design, print.
pogu (s.o) - to kick.
poje (s.o) <po> - be partially in (sticking in/sticking out). direct object = object within.
pojne (n.d) - captain.
poke (s.-) - hot. antonym = seca. less extreme = qoje.
pole (s.o) - need (require the use of). direct object = thing needed.
pomu (s.o) - be the one. direct object = exclusive trait/action.
ponse (n.d) - nurse.
pote (s.o) - hear of/about. direct object = thing heard.
povlu (n.d) - old man (age 50+). antonym = slotu. hypernym = megwa.
poze (s.-) - consider unimportant. direct object = thing that <subj> considers unimportant. antonym = cide.
pseka (s.-) - bitter (taste).
psesa (n.d) - a boot.
psipo (n.d) - [living thing] lip.
puca (n.d) - a word.
puda (s.o) <pu> - be dishonorable, despicable, worthless. direct object = quality that makes worthless. antonym = jove.
pudza (s.o+io) - to loan. direct object = thing that <subj> loans out. indirect object = person that <subj> loans <foc> to. reciprocal = maglo.
pujna (s.-) - to happen (either by chance or intentionally), occur, take place. direct object = who the event happens to.
puli (s.-) - to swing back & forth.
puqa (s.o) - disapprove of. direct object = person disapproved of. antonym = sone.
putsa (n.d) - cigarette.
puza (s.o) - return, come back. direct object = place returned to. antonym = zato.
pwaci (n.d) - a prison, jail.
pwejlo (n.d) - a paper, essay.
pwela (s.-) <pwe> - improbable. antonym = jlovu.

Q - 44
qaco (s.o) - be artificially formed (from/out of), shaped (from/out of) [any substance]. direct object = substance. antonym = libe.
qacto (n.m) - ginger.
qado (s.o+io) - to answer. direct object = question. indirect object = person who <subj> answers.
qafo (s.o) - to have inherited from. direct object = object inherited.
qagi (s.-) - unthorough. antonym = mula.
qali (s.o) - available. direct object = manner available. antonym = beta.
qani (n.d) - a pair of pants.
qasi (s.-) - brittle (shatterable because of inflexibility). antonym = wegu.
qato (s.-) - orange (color).
qavi (s.-) - to be recent, news. antonym = goce.
qazo (s.o) - to adapt. direct object = thing adapted to.
qeca (s.-) - official, authorized.
qega (n.d) - door.
qeja (s.-) - exact.
qejlo (n.d) - blight, a plant disease.
qenta (n.d) - potato.
qepa (n.d) - bone.
qepu (s.o) - pretend (that). direct object = thing pretended.
qesa (s.-) - unusual. antonym = guva.
qeta (s.o) - to study (for a test). direct object = topic.
qetsa (n.m) - the ground (underneath the surface).
qezwa (n.d) - a tower.
qico (s.-) - to be mellow, calm, relaxed (not energetic). antonym = dove.
qicte (n.d) - strawberry.
qidjo (n.d) - a thorn.
qidzo (s.o) - carry (a load). direct object = the load.
qisa (s.-) - unpleasant. antonym = ciko.
qisto (n.d) - flower pot.
qite (s.o) - reject, deny. direct object = thing rejected. antonym = lode.
qitse (s.-) - to err (from incorrect belief). in contrast to = vluci.
qive (s.-) - straight.
qoctu (s.o) - to hunt. direct object = thing hunted.
qocu (s.-) - [objects] flexible. antonym = kuva.
qode (s.o) - be packed (for a trip). direct object = thing packed for.
qoje (s.-) - warm. antonym = lufa. more extreme = poke.
qome (s.o) <qo> - be covering. direct object = thing covered.
qotse (n.d) - sailor.
qove (s.o) - to float (on a liquid). direct object = surface floating on.
qusa (s.o) - to recall, remember. direct object = thing recalled.
qutca (n.d) - needle (of a tree, ie pine needle).
quti (n.d) - amount, number of.
quzi (s.o) - satisfied. direct object = thing satisfied with. antonym = zize.
qwazo (n.d) - belly.
qwesa (n.d) - honey.

R - 7
radzo (n.d) - triangle.
rajno (s.o) - jealous. direct object = person that <subj> is jealous of.
raklo (n.d) - journey, trip.
ravo (s.o) - to direct a sense to something, pay attention (to) (look, listen, taste, feel, smell). direct object = object of focus. antonym = joze. in contrast to = socu.
rezla (n.d) - a topic.
rine (s.o) - to feel (on the surface). direct object = thing felt.
roke (s.o) - occupied, engaged, busy (long-term). direct object = the activity. in contrast to = beta.

S - 74
sabi (s.-) - holy.
saci (s.o) - spend time. direct object = length of time spent.
sacli (s.-) - modest, conservative (dress). antonym = tsano.
sacto (s.-) - unreasonable. antonym = vaski.
sadzo (s.o) - demonstrate. direct object = what <subj> demonstrates.
sago (s.-) - healthy (conscious of nutrition). antonym = mema.
saklo (n.d) - a taco.
samlo (n.d) - a man (ages 30-49). antonym = finwe. hypernym = kluja.
sano (s.-) - awkward (situation), uncomfortable. antonym = fela.
savo (s.o) - to use (not necessarily for intended use). direct object = thing used. reciprocal = pice. in contrast to = mile.
sebu (n.d) - enemy. direct object = person who <subj> is the enemy of. antonym = live.
seca (s.-) - cold. antonym = poke. less extreme = lufa.
sedzu (s.o) - approach. direct object = what <subj> approaches.
sefa (s.-) - finished, complete (natural end). antonym = voge. in contrast to = novu.
segu (s.o) - to love selflessy (ideal christian love). direct object = thing loved.
seja (n.d) - sunrise.
sejna (n.d) - year.
seka (s.o) - sorrowful, full of grief. direct object = thing grieved.
selu (s.o) - to judge. direct object = thing judged.
sema (s.o) <se> - to be (copula verb). direct object = subject complement.
semla (n.d) - a slug.
semu (s.o) - send (a person). direct object = person sent. in contrast to = koge.
sena (s.-) - beautiful (visual). equivalent = vi'vela.
senu (cj) - which is the reason that/why, for that reason, that is why (causation: abstract reason), consequently.
sepu (s.-) - long. antonym = bobe.
setu (s.o+io) - to owe. direct object = what's owed. indirect object = who owed to.
sevu (s.-) - robust, strong, tough (endurance). antonym = zoku.
seza (n.d) - a tune, melody.
sicte (n.d) - a thistle.
sidje (s.-) - exacting, not easily satisfied, demanding. antonym = wecta.
sidze (s.o) - interact, have intercourse with (non-sexual). direct object = who <subj> interacts with.
sige (s.-) - old (to owner). antonym = jeta.
sigo (s.-) - to turn/yaw (around Y axis). hypernym = fiso.
sije (s.-) - thick, dense (viscous). antonym = nite.
sijne (n.d) - matter, issue, affair, item of business.
sike (s.o) - to lie (tell a falsity with the intent to deceive). direct object = utterance. direct object = who <subj> tells the lie to. antonym = zelu.
sile (s.o) - to watch. direct object = thing that <subj> watches.
sime (s.-) - cheap. antonym = nadi.
sinde (n.d) - bamboo.
sine (s.o) - to think , have in mind. direct object = the thought.
sise (s.-) - to smell bad. antonym = nami.
sitce (n.d) - box.
site (s.-) - light (not heavy). antonym = nafo.
sive (s.o) - to request, ask for. direct object = thing requested.
skuni (s.-) - messed up, screwed up (mentally).
slago (s.o) - can, may (permission). direct object = activity.
slite (n.d) - ocean, lake, sea (large body of water). hyponyms = vafko, cteva
slotu (n.d) - old woman (age 50+). antonym = povlu. hypernym = megwa.
sluci (s.o) <slu> - to have, own, possess (alienable possession, ownership, etc). direct object = thing possessed. reciprocal = file.
sobe (s.o) - to search (for), look (for). direct object = thing searched for.
socu (s.o) - to sense (experience), perceive. direct object = thing sensed. in contrast to = ravo.
sofe (s.o) - closed (minded). direct object = what concept <subj> is closed to. antonym = paso.
soge (s.o) - to mourn. direct object = thing that <subj> mourns. antonym = zuka.
soje (s.-) - full (generic). antonym = vodu.
solu (s.o) - to run: by legs. direct object = type of running.
sone (s.o) - approve of, agree with. direct object = thing approved of. antonym = puqa.
sotu (s.-) - black.
sove (s.-) <so> - to be up.
spalo (s.o) - employed. direct object = company or person that <subj> is employed with. reciprocal = tacki.
spenu (n.m) - silk.
spoku (n.d) - portable light (torch, flashlight).
steca (s.o) - be composed (of) [synthetic chemical]. direct object = chemical. antonym = neja.
stoke (n.d) - version, variant.
suci (s.o) - angry. direct object = person/thing angry at.
suki (s.o) - in: at one's office/place of work (eg "the doctor is in"). antonym = benu.
suli (s.o) - be dipped (in liquid). direct object = thing dipped in.
sumi (s.-) - noble (good character).
suna (cj) - implies (only if; logical implication).
supa (s.o) <su> - to take a while. direct object = time taken. antonym = dile.
suta (s.-) - high (ex = "higher understanding"), advanced, developed. antonym = dusi.
suti (s.o) - to decide to (do an action). direct object = activity.
suvi (s.o) - go (to a place). direct object = trip/journey. in contrast to = lepa.
suza (s.-) - other.
swise (n.d) - a set of eye glasses.

T - 78
tacki (s.o) - to employ. direct object = person that <subj> employs. reciprocal = spalo.
tado (n.d) - back (not front). antonym = zadi.
tafko (n.d) - a universe.
tafo (s.o) - take, go and get (temporary possession through effort), find (after searching). direct object = thing taken. in contrast to = cuda.
tagi (s.o) - to be created, made. direct object = substance.
tajno (s.o) - to nevermind. direct object = thing that <subj> neverminds.
tajo (s.o) - to be born. direct object = the mother. reciprocal = mobe.
takci (n.d) - wagon.
taki (s.o) - to argue (with). direct object = person.
tamo (s.o) - be worth, have value. direct object = value.
tando (s.-) - deaf.
tani (n.d) - size.
tavi (n.d) - sibling.
tazo (s.o) - push. direct object = thing pushed. antonym = vipe. hypernym = feta.
tcamo (n.d) - pattern (of events, actions).
tcavo (n.d) - person, human, man (generic sense).
tcefa (n.d) - stomach.
tcike (s.o) - to swallow.
teba (s.o) - to choose. direct object = thing that <subj> chooses.
teca (n.d) - uncle/aunt.
tecka (n.d) - a handle.
tedja (s.o) - to benefit. direct object = person receiving benefit.
tedza (n.d) - a pair of shorts.
tefa (s.o+io) - ask (a question). direct object = the question. indirect object = person asked.
tegu (s.o) - be assembled (with), man-made (with): constructed, built [any discrete pieces]. direct object = parts.
teja (s.-) - salty.
tejna (s.o) - discern, distinguish, tell (recognize). direct object = thing(s) that <subj> distinguishes.
teka (n.d) - step, stair, ladder rung.
tekca (n.m) - cinnamon.
tela (n.d) - a sock.
telu (s.-) - glorious.
tema (s.o) - believe, think (belief). direct object = belief. antonym = fefa.
temba (n.d) - square.
tena (n.m) - skin.
tenda (n.d) - gun.
teni (s.o) - to keep, retain, save. direct object = thing kept.
tibo (s.-) - ugly, look bad. antonym = vela.
tice (s.-) - pretty (feminine attractiveness).
ticke (n.d) - a camp.
tige (s.-) - scattered. antonym = biske.
tije (s.o) - early (for). direct object = event. antonym = vike.
tijne (s.o) - to be at peace with. direct object = person that <subj> is at peace with. antonym = megla.
tijo (s.-) - purple.
tikce (s.o) - evidence; testify (be evidence of). direct object = thing evidence points to.
tike (n.d) - a second (amount of time).
tilo (n.d) - noon.
time (n.d) <ti> - an action done once.
tipe (s.o) - to enjoy, love (to do), delight in. direct object = thing enjoyed.
tipo (n.d.o) - part, piece (of a larger entity). direct object = the larger entity.
tiske (n.d) - fork.
tite (s.-) - tiny. antonym = magi.
titse (s.-) - take place, occur, happen (by chance). direct object = who the event happens to. hypernym = pujna. in contrast to = koste.
tizo (s.o) - to feel good (on the surface). direct object = source of feeling.
tokce (s.o) - to carve. direct object = pattern/design, thing created.
tone (s.o) - to know: to know how do perform an activity, to know deeply. direct object = thing known.
tope (s.-) - unpopular (not liked by many). antonym = jafo.
tove (s.o) - to resemble, seem like. direct object = thing resembled.
tozu (s.o) - to smoke (a cigarette). direct object = thing smoked.
tsabi (n.d) - apple.
tsaci (s.o) <tsa> - to be out, outside. direct object = what <subj> is outside of.
tsano (s.-) - immodest (dress), indecent, revealing. antonym = sacli.
tsavi (n.d) - finger: digit on the hand.
tseku (s.o) - to be soaking. direct object = location.
tsema (n.d) - skirt.
tsoke (n.d) - an attic.
tsuva (n.d) - a weekend.
tuba (s.o) - to imagine. direct object = thing imagined.
tuca (n.d) - neck.
tuci (s.o) - be called (common term for <subj>). direct object = the term. in contrast to = vazi.
tudza (s.-) - to fall (in battle: die or get wounded).
tuga (s.o) - to turn/twist/wind (one object attached to another).
tuka (n.d) - end (of a process). antonym = mize. in contrast to = netu.
tuna (n.d) - meter.
tunsa (s.-) - merciful, have mercy.
tupi (s.-) - decayed.
tuzi (n.d) - right (direction opposite of left). antonym = vote.
tyaji (s.-) <tya> - possible. antonym = flice.
tyoke (n.d) - scale (of a fish).

V - 80
vabi (s.-) - frequent, often. antonym = cepa.
vaci (s.-) - difficult. antonym = wesa.
vado (s.-) - immediate.
vadzo (n.d) - map.
vafi (s.o) - handle (be able to perform an action). direct object = the action.
vafko (n.d) - an ocean (Pacific, Atlantic, etc). hypernym = slite.
vagi (s.-) - severe.
vaji (n.d) - single hair.
vajo (cj) - in order to, so that, with intent to, plan to.
vakci (s.-) - to conduct diplomacy.
vaki (s.-) - yellow.
vali (s.o) - reach (to), extend (to). direct object = thing reaching towards.
valo (s.-) - naked.
vamo (s.o) - to see. direct object = object seen.
vani (s.o) - love (st. diminutive). direct object = what <subj> loves.
vasi (n.d) - nuclear family.
vaski (s.-) - reasonable. antonym = sacto.
vazi (s.o+io) - be called (by someone). direct object = the name. indirect object = person who uses this name for <subj>. in contrast to = tuci.
vebu (s.-) - live: go about daily tasks, experience the world, etc.
vefa (s.o) - to meet. direct object = person that <subj> meets.
vega (s.o) - to feel good (internally). direct object = source of good feeling.
vegla (n.d) - a field (for sports).
veja (s.o) - have sex. direct object = person with.
vejo (s.o) - look like, resemble (visually). direct object = what <subj> resembles. hypernym = tove.
veka (s.o) - to talk/speak in a language. direct object = language.
vela (s.-) - beautiful (visually), look good, good-looking, visually pleasing. antonym = tibo.
vesa (n.d) - type, kind.
veska (n.d) - a tostada.
veta (n.d) - a container's unit contents (cupful, gas tankful, trash can ful).
veva (n.d) - a day.
vezu (s.o) - almost, nearly. direct object = thing close to.
vicke (s.o) - to oppress. direct object = person(s) that <subj> oppresses.
vidze (n.d) - shore.
vike (s.o) - late (for). direct object = event. antonym = tije.
viko (n.m) - land, earth, dirt.
vikso (n.d) - throat.
vilo (s.o) - to know: to understand the inner workings of. direct object = thing known. antonym = fwe'vilo.
vime (s.-) - high. antonym = cozu.
vino (s.o) <vi> - to be very; augmentive; intense, great. direct object = quality. antonym = naki.
vipe (s.o) - to pull. direct object = thing pulled. antonym = tazo. hypernym = feta.
vise (s.-) - broken (in pieces).
vispe (n.d) - leash.
vito (n.d) - situation, occasion.
vlaci (s.o) - stare. direct object = what <subj> stares at.
vlago (n.d) - street (in a city).
vlamo (n.d) - elbow.
vleda (s.o) - be decorated (with). direct object = decoration.
vlenu (n.d) - a male. antonym = nyove.
vlige (n.d) <vli> - group (taken together, distributively).
vlito (s.o) - philosophize. direct object = what <subj> philosophizes about.
vloge (n.d) - a figurine.
vluci (s.-) - make a mistake (from carelessness). in contrast to = qitse.
vlufi (n.d) - elephant.
voce (s.o) - turn out, result in. direct object = result. reciprocal = buza.
vocte (s.-) - foreign, non-native. antonym = midzo.
vodu (s.-) - empty. antonym = soje.
voge (s.-) - to be started (naturally/intentionally). antonym = sefa. in contrast to = luki.
voke (s.-) - [government] fall, be overthrown. antonym = bafo.
vole (s.o) - to like: to be fond of (unromantic). direct object = thing liked. antonym = gopu.
vome (s.-) - lazy. antonym = bizo.
vomu (n.d) - parent.
vonde (n.d) - a reception.
vone (n.d) - the sun.
vope (s.o) - priveleged (with). direct object = what <subj> is priveleged with. antonym = cuna.
vostu (n.d) - a lantern.
vosu (s.-) - be thick, broad. antonym = zico.
vote (n.d) - left (direction opposite of right). antonym = tuzi.
votse (s.o) - be sorry (about), regret, be remorseful (about). direct object = thing regreted. antonym = zetcu.
vove (s.o) - loyal, faithful. direct object = person that <subj> is loyal to.
voze (s.o) - merry, cheerful. direct object = source of cheer. antonym = bega.
vuca (s.o) - to wear. direct object = clothes worn.
vudzi (n.d) - polygon.
vuna (n.d) - sunset.
vuno (s.o) - to smell (like). direct object = thing smelt like.
vunsa (n.d) - a tree.
vusa (s.-) - partial. antonym = mode.
vuta (s.o) - assigned, appointed. direct object = task/position.
vyeta (n.d) - style, manner.
vyoqe (n.m) - glass.
vyuti (n.d) - leg.

W - 25
wabi (s.-) - sad. direct object = source of sadness. antonym = nelu.
waci (n.d) - a set (group).
wajni (s.o) - inflict. direct object = punishment, pain, etc.
waki (n.d) - pole.
wako (s.o) - stupid (with), clueless (with). direct object = topic. antonym = livo. in contrast to = feca.
wali (n.m) - snow.
walo (s.o) - determine, see (if). direct object = what <subj> determines.
wani (s.-) - dark. antonym = zuva.
wati (s.o) - not know location of. direct object = object.
wavi (s.o) - be covered by. direct object = covering.
wazi (s.-) - to smile.
weba (s.o) - reveal supernaturally. direct object = thing revealved.
weca (n.d) - house.
wecta (s.-) - easily satisified. antonym = sidje.
wecu (s.o) - should (light obligation). direct object = activity.
wedzu (s.o) - most hated of, least favorite. direct object = person that has <subj> as the least favorite. antonym = mwesa.
wegu (s.-) - tough (not brittle). antonym = qasi.
weka (s.o) - useless. direct object = usage. antonym = zako.
wensa (s.-) - in touch with reality.
wepa (n.d) - garment.
wesa (s.-) - easy. antonym = vaci.
westa (s.-) - be bio-degraded.
wetsa (n.d) - a plain.
wetu (s.-) - loud. antonym = cone.
wize (s.-) - in order (one's affairs).

Y - 4
yani (s.-) - polite. antonym = fega.
yavo (n.d) <ya> - group (taken individually, distributively).
yeta (s.-) - ranked. direct object = the rank.
yovu (s.o) - command (have authority). direct object = the underlings.

Z - 79
zacto (n.d) - a counter (kitchen surface).
zadi (n.d) - front. antonym = tado.
zado (n.d) - the moon.
zadzi (n.d) - soul.
zagi (s.-) - short (height). antonym = kuza.
zako (s.o) - useful. direct object = usage. antonym = weka.
zalo (s.o) <za> - to be vaguely dominated by. direct object = object of relation. antonym = pive.
zamo (s.-) - slow (speed, velocity). antonym = deza. in contrast to = fano.
zando (n.d) - musical instrument.
zani (s.-) - to be alive. antonym = piko.
zanso (s.o) - perform surgery.
zapi (s.-) - to shake, shiver.
zato (s.o) - to leave. direct object = thing left. in contrast to = guba.
zavi (s.o) - to release (the grip of). direct object = thing released.
zeca (s.o) - be the winner (of). direct object = competition. antonym = jobe.
zecka (n.d) - task.
zedju (n.d) - the lord/god.
zedu (s.-) - in-tune.
zefa (s.-) - delicate, fine, detailed. antonym = luli.
zegla (n.d) - mountain.
zeja (n.m) - fire.
zeku (s.o) - break (a law). direct object = law broken. antonym = fuza.
zela (n.d) - chair.
zelu (s.o) - to tell the truth. direct object = utterance. indirect object = who <subj> tells the truth to. antonym = sike.
zema (n.m) - milk.
zempa (s.o) - annoyed (at). direct object = thing annoyed at.
zemu (s.o) - to be glorified (about). direct object = topic.
zena (s.o) - to read. direct object = thing read.
zequ (n.m) <ze> - indiscrete/collective activity.
zesa (s.o) - to expect. direct object = thing expected.
zetcu (s.o) - be glad (of), proud (about event/action). direct object = event/activity. antonym = votse.
zeva (s.o) - to go, travel. direct object = path.
zibo (s.-) - invisible. antonym = diqo.
zico (s.-) - thin, narrow. antonym = vosu.
zige (n.d) - a night.
zigo (s.o) - fixed (not movable). direct object = what <subj> is fixed to. antonym = bazo.
zike (s.o) - to be located (at). direct object = location.
zile (s.-) - unvirtuous, corrupt, bad (morally), evil, wicked. antonym = moze.
ziste (n.d) - young man (age 21-29). antonym = kujna. hypernym = badzo.
zitce (n.d) - a job.
zite (s.-) <zi> - to be small, little. antonym = bema.
zive (cj) - allowing.
zivla (s.o) - to be one's turn. subject = the one who has the turn. direct object = the exclusive activity.
zize (s.o) - unsatisfied. direct object = thing that <subj> is unsatisfied with. antonym = quzi.
zlavo (s.o) <zla> - be around (to each; inside). direct object = what <subj> is around.
zlegja (n.d) - yam.
zleva (s.-) - colorful, multi-colored. antonym = kutsa.
zlige (n.d) - a shape.
zlone (n.d) - animal.
zluma (s.o) <zlu> - have as a family relation. direct object = family member.
zlupi (n.d) - nose.
zode (s.o) - to shop for. direct object = thing shopped for.
zofe (s.o) - obvious. direct object = person that thinks <subj> is obvious.
zokce (n.m) - nature (outdoors).
zoke (n.d) - midnight.
zoku (s.-) - weak (toughness). antonym = sevu.
zole (s.-) - to descend, sink. antonym = nibe.
zomu (s.o) - tied, bound. direct object = what <subj> is bound to.
zone (s.o) - decide on, pick, select. direct object = thing selected.
zote (s.-) - solid. antonym = feza.
zuda (s.o) - apart. direct object = what <subj> is apart from. antonym = domu.
zufi (s.o) - to know the location of, know where. direct object = object. antonym = fwe'zufi.
zugva (n.d) - mounted soldier.
zuka (s.o) - celebrate. direct object = thing celebrate. antonym = soge.
zuki (s.-) - brown.
zukla (n.d) - a planet.
zumla (n.d) - knee.
zuna (s.o) - to exist. direct object = location.
zuto (s.-) - unready, unprepared. antonym = nuti.
zutsa (s.-) - castrated.
zuva (s.-) - [color] light (amount of light). antonym = wani.
zuvla (n.d) - world.
zuza (s.o) - equal. direct object = thing equal to.
zwado (n.d) - a present, gift.
zwapo (s.-) - be shiny. antonym = cazo.
zwepa (n.d) - valley.
zyavo (s.-) <zya> - to be down.
zyeta (n.d) - a walrus.
zyuti (s.o) - be off (location: not on). direct object = object not on.

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