Meanings of "for"

Last Modified: 2/1/04

This is a list of all the meanings of "for" in English. 


A. usage, purpose
- a tool for hammering, a room for sleep
B. in place of
- I'm wearing blankets for clothes

C. representing
- I am speaking for him
D. beneficiary
- I'm washing the dishes for her
E. intended recipient
- These are flowers for a girl.
F. in defense of, in favor of
- They are fighting for a cause.

G. the amount of
- bill for $50
H. in exchange for
- I sold it for $20,000
I. in proportion to
- two pennies earned for every penny spent

J. time span
- she slept for two hours
K. distance
- we walked for two miles

L. because of
- she is famous for her stupidity
M. in spite of
- for all his wealth, he is still unhappy.

N. with respect to the standard ~
- she is clever for a child
O. regarding
- for this problem, add one.
P. in favor of
- i'm all for beating him up.
Q. intended destination
- he is destined for greatness


here is how they're grouped in Minyeva:

1 = A/B: usage, purpose, object replacement
2 = C: "kyo" representation
3 = D/E/F: beneficiary, recipient, in defense of
4 = G/H/I: proportion/exchange/price
5 = J/K: time span/distance span
6 = L: because of
7 = M: in spite of
8 = N: with respect to the standard
9 = O: "bra" regarding
10 = P: in favor of
11 = Q: intended destination


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